PS5 DualSense concept design reveals the 'night mode' we really want

PS5 DualSense controller concept reveals a feature that Sony needs to add.

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SullysCigar57d ago

wtf is the point? It's TOTALLY unnecessary!

I want it!

55d ago
SullysCigar55d ago

^ A few things Shaggy2304; first of all, a minority didn't like it. Secondly the light bar was only an issue for those few because the "bright light bar" was on the back of the controller and they were noticing the reflection in their TV. Not the case in this design, so non-issue, you'll be pleased to hear. Lastly, Sony added the option to dim it right down in the settings, appeasing those few.

"People" isn't a single entity representing one opinion. But you knew this lol...

55d ago
XtraTrstrL54d ago

@Shaggy2304, this doesn't look that bright. Also, the major complaint about the lights on the DS4 was that it drained the already short battery life even quicker. The DS5 battery lasts twice as long.

JackBNimble54d ago

I think the controller speaker is what really drains the battery. It's not like the battery could hold much power to begin with, but the Ds5 is supposed to hold x2 power of the DS4 so I really don't think it will be much of an issue.

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RangerWalk26754d ago

I wish there was an option to turn all the lights off. Even on the consoles. Not just the PS... But the Xbox controller and console as well. Night mode should be blacked out. Not a light show. In my opinion. To each their own.

SullysCigar54d ago

That's actually a great idea!

Dark mode or we riot!

Xb1ps454d ago

Not a fan of lights on the controller... I hate the stupid light on the Xbox controller it just pulls me away from looking at the tv when The room is dark

NealGamby57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

This would actually save some people money if they made this controller the standard DS5. I know I’d think twice before smashing it during Call of Duty. Lol. I bet I’ve destroyed 10 controllers throughout the PS3,PS4 cycle.

Rimeskeem56d ago

I recently looked on amazon of my orders and I am very depressed about how many controllers I ended up buying....

arkard55d ago

Sounds like you have rage issues

NealGamby55d ago

COD will bring that out in you if you are the least bit competitive.

JackBNimble54d ago

You're doing it all wrong, you don't smash your own things , you smash everyone else's.

NealGamby54d ago

I literally twist the shit out of my controller until it breaks or I smash it against the desk because it’s the only thing I have in my hands. It stops me from breaking more expensive stuff.

BrettAwesome54d ago

Spend some money on a shrink instead

NealGamby54d ago

Nah, all my extra money goes to your mom. Tell her I said "hi'.

BrettAwesome53d ago

Will do. She tells me you're a fan of her big strap on. Especially every time you broke a controller.

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Neonridr55d ago

all that lighting would definitely put additional drain on the battery no?

that being said, I love the colors and wouldn't mind it one bit.

SullysCigar55d ago

Well given the battery life is 50% longer than DS4, it wouldn't really matter to me. LEDs aren't power hungry either, so I'd expect it would be a negligible drain compared to other aspects of the DualSense.

That said, I'm sure they could be controllable in the settings like the light bar on DS4 was, so you can have fancy lights, or about 5% longer battery life lol

Neonridr53d ago

maybe even get to choose your colors :D

sampsonon55d ago

People cried about just the single light bar on the DS4. I can't imagine how many will lose their minds crying if Sony did this.

Duke1955d ago

Cool concept. Love the blue lighting against the black.

Only part I dont care for, is the pink, green, red lights. Would almost prefer a variant that also made them all blue

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