It's Time - Can you Run Crysis Remastered? - PC Requirements Released

Can you run Crysis Remastered? The game's PC system requirements have just landed.

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njitram200086d ago

Those recommended requirements really aren't that high. I wonder what resolution and framerate that would yield. I remember building a PC for this back in the day it barely hitting 30s. Then Crysis 2 came out and it ran butter smooth.


The RTX 30 series will chew this game up and swallow it :D

TheRealTedCruz85d ago

Yeah. I built my first gaming PC pretty high end back in 2012. Literally the first game I played in it was the just released Bioshock: Infinite.
I didn't do anything to it up until a couple years ago, when I got a good deal on 2 1660ti

That procepoint of the 3070/3080 definitely pushed me to finally rebuild.


Ah, I built one as well, back in 2012 I had a 3770k + I think at the time a GTX 670 + Crucial Ballistix 16GB of DDR3 ram, which was very cheap at that time, under 100$ for that much. I played all the Bioshocks, awesome games. So your running 2 1660ti's in SLI ?

TheRealTedCruz85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Yeah; went 3570k, 680, 16 ddr 3.
Got a second card after people went insane for the 7 series, and were offloading their 6 series for fairly cheap.

Performance was fair enough for me until my friend wanted to upgrade to the 2x series, and gave me his two 1660ti for $250.

Giant performance boost, and has been doing me well.
But if the low end new card provides that level of performance, well, I'm happy to do a new build. It's definitely time for a new mobo and CPU if that's the case.