Super Mario 64 Switch Remake Features Same Graphics Style

Unfortunately, Super Mario 64 on the Switch will not be an enhanced remake.

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GoodGuy0948d ago

Very lame...guess I'll try getting that of port instead lol.

SullysCigar48d ago

Just ridiculous and lazy. What a waste of potential.

King_Noctis47d ago

What about the other two games in the collection?

SullysCigar47d ago

They look better than 64, as you'd expect.

I'm not sure how that's relevant?

Neonridr46d ago

@SullysCigar - because it means they did at least put some effort in the other titles.

RaiderNation46d ago (Edited 46d ago )


What effort? If Nintendo had truly wanted to put effort into this collection, they wouldve remastered all 3 games at full 1080p/60fps and converted Mario 64 to widescreen. That shouldve been the MINIMAL effort put into this collection. Its hard for me to justify this at 60.00 when Crash N Sane and Spyro trilogies got full remakes of those games and sold new for 39.99 each. By comparison this is highway robbery.

What kills me the most is Nintendo had already set the template on how to do a remaster with Zelda Wind Waker on Wii U. Why in hell did they drop the ball so hard with this???

King_Noctis46d ago

"I'm not sure how that's relevant?"

Because all three are in a single collection? While one game does not get a huge facelift, the other two do.

SullysCigar46d ago

@King_Noctis & @Neonridr, are you guys both just ignoring that this article is about how Mario 64 looks, not other Mario games?

That's why I commented in relation to Mario 64..

-Foxtrot48d ago

Why couldn't they just take the DS version and add onto it? I mean we all see those fan video concepts of remakes, Nintendo have the resources to do it so why be lazy with it.

I would have taken a full on expanded remake with maybe a few extra levels like how Activision handled Crash Bandicoot, over a collection with other ports.

RpgSama47d ago

Why would they, whatever they release their fanboys will just go gaga over it, I mean, Xenoblade Chronicles DE on the switch (amazing game, don't get me wrong), runs at a variable resolution of 504p-720p when docked, nobody said anything about it.

They just consume and say thank you.

Father__Merrin47d ago

Absolutely correct their fanbase get the low end of the deal in gaming yet they still follow them

RpgSama47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Dude, XC was a Wii game that was later ported to a "new Nintendo 3ds", even with the small upgrades to the visuals, it's still a port of a wii game that on occasions runs while DOCKED at 504p on a switch, how lazy is that?

GreenDragonCVR47d ago

We purchased this. We could care less about the resolution, pleased to play xeno without busting out the wiiu. We are flummoxed there are real life people playing an involved game of that nature and thinking, "damn this just needs some more resolution, how dare anyone 'consume' it in this state!"; akin to "NAH can't read that book, font too small!"; "nah won't watch that film, in black and white!".

RpgSama47d ago


I mean why should people have standards and wanting at least minimum effort for their hard earned money? Right? I mean it's not like they are charging full price for it? Oh... They are.


GreenDragonCVR47d ago

Ooo OK ok so standards of "not shiny enough" and the fact that you worked hard entitle you to things for less than an arbitrary "full price" (TOTALLY not like that same logic justifies the pub demanding full price for their own work). Perfectly objective.

Might we suggest @rpgsama you seem like what you're upset about is not our "consumption" (is this what one does with a game?) but a price-and pixel based impediment to yours.


It's not because we don't care about Nintendo's lazy practices. I love Nintendo, but the Mario All Stars thing is pretty bad business practice. I was pretty bummed that they didn't touch the games, just threw them onto the Switch. That couldn't have been very difficult for them to do to sell for $60. I'm not defending that. We still follow Nintendo because they give us the most enjoyable first party titles. There are a handful of exclusives on any other console I care about (Halo, Ratchet and Clank, God of War); but Nintendo has tons that I care about (Super Smash, Mario, Zelda, Metroid [someday], Pokemon, the list could go on). They may be pretty damn greedy but they make the best games.

Army_of_Darkness46d ago


Low standards for full price. Good for you bro....... 🙄

Neonridr46d ago

resolution aside, it's a great game, so while it sucks that the resolution is a little sub-par that doesn't make it a bad game. If it was awful, then you'd have some real legs to stand on. But this is the hardware that we get, what do you want them to do? Not release the game period?

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curtain_swoosh47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

because its Nintendo.
they have major potential with their older games but hardly do anything with them.

and if they do, its like they put no effort in them at all. mario sunshine doesnt even have gamecube controller support which is just ridiculous if u think about it. fans would EAT THAT SHIT UP. but alas that didnt happen

Chard47d ago

The DS version was trash, but I'm more triggered that they couldn't give us 16:9 widescreen when there is a PC port out there that does exactly that

Relientk7748d ago

I wanted a Super Mario 64 remake with Super Mario Odyssey graphics, but noooooo that's too much work for Nintendo right? Can't put all those resources into remaking the game and making it look beautiful like Odyssey. Just port it over because lazy and costs much less money.

Concertoine46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Even besides graphics, i expected them to at least do something. Coop, new content, a race mode. Leaderboards. SOMETHING

Its literally a ROM dump lol.

RaiderNation46d ago

I didnt want them to go to THAT extreme because I do think there's a certain charm to the original Mario 64 aesthetic that should be preserved. However I do think Nintendo should've at least remastered the game in 1080p/60fps with widescreen support. I wouldve been very happy with that.

SegaGamer48d ago

There are fans out there happy to do this for free and Nintendo shuts them down whenever they get wind of it. If Nintendo are going to keep threatening fans then maybe they should do the job themselves.

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