You can now play as Ellie from The Last of Us 2 in Resident Evil 3 Remake

DSOGaming writes: "While The Last of Us 2 is not available on the PC, PC gamers can now get a taste of it via this character swap mod for Resident Evil 3 Remake."

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garos8249d ago

why would i want to? She would just let the Nemesis go free in the end

sprinterboy49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Haha, someone else who still wanted to kill Abbie, I was still smashing the shit out of the square button to drown here even after I wasn't supposed too.
Great game btw, and actually liked Abbie in parts but I won't forgive anyone for killing Joel.
I guess I didn't learn the forgiveness bit

zackeroniii49d ago

i thought i was the only one!! i was pounding that square button like 30 seconds after the prompt went away i was like "bitch YOU are going to DIE!!" game is a 7/10 for me tho

Viking_mo49d ago

Im glad im not the only one lool

Redemption-6448d ago

After what Joel did at the end of the last game, I honest to god wanted to put a bullet through his head.

ClayRules201248d ago

LOL. I understand that, I do. I came to like Abbie as the game went further along, especially when she came to care for Lev and his sister, and the banter they’d share later on. In that final fight tho, I remember mashing the square button and saying “Ellie, please don’t kill her, forgive her. Joel wouldn’t want you to do this” and my fiancé said “Honey, shut up and kill the B****”or I’ll do it” and than of course you see the end result... I’ll never forget what Abbie did, and I’ll always miss Joel, ALWAYS. But I do forgive Abbie.

Absolutely loved the game. Oh the emotions it brought out to myself and family. So ugly lol, but great hahaha

Gamerking8248d ago

Meh each too their own i was actually wanting Abbie to kill Ellie.

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ClayRules201248d ago

Joel isn’t innocent in this world. I love Joel, but the truth is whether people look at him as a shitty person or as a survivor, he’s simply doing what he thinks is best, as others have done. I was pissed at me, extremely so, when he killed that guard in the hallway when being escorted out’ve the hospital in the first game, shot him once (and the guy didn’t respond fast enough) and I thought Geez, Joel...but I get it, time was ticking away for Ellie. But still. And at the same time, how he shot Marlene, I hated that. He’s done many a few things I’ve not liked at all. However, I can understand his actions behind it, even tho I don’t agree with them. But he’s certainly done wrong.

RomanPSX48d ago

Fuck You! Shut up dude! Or whatever you are.

zacfoldor48d ago

LOL, epic. So, so true. Legendary.

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SullysCigar49d ago

That's a cool mod - Sony, please don't pull a Nintendo and shut this down lol

Vertigo1549d ago

Now just make nemisis into abby

Milkshake21249d ago

Waiting for Nemesis Abby mod lol

Batnut0049d ago

Hell let me play Abby and go toe to toe with Nemesis and put those guns to work.

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