Final Fantasy VII Remake Sets High Expectations for FFXVI

The financial and critical successes of Final Fantasy VII Remake have set extremely high expectations for franchise fans and Square Enix alike.

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Sonic-and-Crash54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

No it dont !!...the game suffers from a ton of problems and personally doesnt hype me for the next one ..

Just some of them ...
Bad environmental visuals (almost PS3-PS2 quality) ,
Bad pacing , gameplay direction -(minimum gameplay sessions ,badly connected with each other with ton of substanceless cutscenes -dialogues that annoyingly slow down the whole game)
bad sound direction (the music , the dialogues and environmental cues overlapping each other creating acoustic chaos)
sloppy made extra content and characters (every single new introduced character is at best uninteresting and you just waiting to pass through the quest line to see the main game) ,
A lot of boring Japanese -emo dialogues situations that spoil original s game feeling
A lot of spoilesr about Aeris future and bad Sephiroth presentation from the start of the game
Annoying battle system that forces you to continuely interrupt battle to give orders (hybrid system hack and slash with commands proved to be a fail ... )
Bad concept art in many areas that feel disconnected (or empty) in comparison to the original

Some of the good things that i admit it has some
Exceptionally well designed character models faithfull to the original , Nicely done combat animations (all the goods end here lol)

CrimsonWing6953d ago

Did we play the same game? 🤔

RpgSama53d ago

Stop it already with your alt account, the name might be different but what comes out of your mouth is the same.

FFVII remake was fantastic, was it perfect? No game is, but they did a much better job than anyone could've expected, I put a good 90 hours in there and got my platinum.

TeamIcoFan53d ago

Just report Naruga's alt account, I'm 99.9999% certain ban evasion is a huge no no.

Sunny1234553d ago

Annoying battle system? It gives it depth. You can also set shortcuts, with tifa i had shortcuts sets, made her a killing machine. You should try it again, I loved the game. The spoiler only make sense if you have played the original, for people who didn't play original it doesn't matter

rainslacker53d ago

I have to say that I disagree with almost every one of those points, and the ones I agree with weren't what I consider necessarily bad. Also sounds like you just made some of it up, like the having to interrupt the combat, as you dont have to do that that often if you arent just button mashing.

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waverider53d ago

Great game. So good to play again with cloud!

franwex53d ago

I enjoyed it. It’s like if FF7 remake is a “new” Final Fantasy game.

But, I am looking forward to FF16. Specially if they are going to keep that strange concept that they had from like 10 years ago, hehe.

Thundercat7753d ago

Totally one of my favorite games of this year. It is a masterpiece. I didn't expected it to be that good and I am super excited for part 2.

enkiduxiv53d ago

I liked it until the end. It was refreshing to have a combat system that actually felt challenging and thought provoking. If FFXVI can do that it will be a lot better than any of the main number titles we have seen in recent years.

I still feel like the current Square Enix is really bad at story telling. All of Remake's best moments involved situational dialogue that built off the original game's script. Completely new moments had that FVII compilation feel to them. Roche and Leslie were down right cringe worthy.

Still, I will give credit where credit is due. Remake was a huge step in the right direction. Now if only Square can find a way to release XVI in one piece...