NBA 2K Looks To Seasonal Content To Breathe New Life Into MyTeam | Player Vs Alcohol

NBA 2K21 is a franchise often teased for not reinventing the wheel every time. However with a new console generation around the corner, new expectations are had. New bars are set. NBA 2K21 has the difficult job of having to satisfy both current gen, and next-gen.Seasons is hoping to do just that.

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NealGamby1386d ago

No!! Get that crap out of there. Gamers, please do not support this. Look what it has done to Madden and what MLB The Show is quickly becoming. It’s killing them. They start concentrating on the modes that generate money and leave other modes and features stagnant year after year. JUST SAY NO.


Grand Theft Auto V Has Shipped Over 150 Million Units; Red Dead Redemption 2 at Over 38 Million

Take-Two Interactive Software announced new sales numbers for Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more of its games.

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roadkillers1053d ago

That's 5 million sales for GTA5 in 2.5 months. That's 2 million sales for RDR2 sales in 8 months. There are game companies that would kill to have 2 million sales within 8 months of release, let alone 3 years later.

GTA5 will be the best selling game this year if it releases for SeriesX and PS5. Without those releases, it will fall within the top 3 best selling games. Insane.

sourOG1053d ago

What are the other 2?

Eonjay1053d ago

So I think it's Minecraft and then Tetris whose sales are unattainable for the foreseeable future.

roadkillers1053d ago

Well, I would assume the biggest games of 2021 in terms of sales would be Call of Duty 2020, Call of Duty 2021, Halo Infinite, Forza, a Nintendo game, Far Cry 6, Grand Theft Auto 5, Diablo 2, and Battlefield.

Call of Duty 2020 - From Jan to Dec, there's lots of time to sell
Call of Duty 2021 - Generally CoD or Rockstar have the best selling game each year
Halo Infinite - I would bet on Halo, but gamepass has me confused on what sales will be.
Forza - Same as Halo, less popular
Nintendo - Since the Switch had been out, they have had a game in the top 5. This year might be New Horizons again.
Far Cry 6 - Never realized how big this franchise was. FC5 sold about 6 million copies week one, if I'm correct.
Diablo - Another Blizzard releases sells large amounts.
Battlefield - People want something to take on CoD.

1. CoD 2021
2. Halo Infinite
3. GTA5 with re-release
4. Far Cry 6
5. Battlefield
6. Diablo
7. Nintendo game
8. Forza

Prediction, but I probably won't be too far off. Horizon might makes its way in there because of PS4. Couple of other heavy hitters, but I think this will be close.

TheRacingX1053d ago

Thats an impressive number for sure, but the game has been out for 7-8yrs, and most would be re-purchases on new systems since its been available on PS3 PS4 X360 X1 and PC and that number will go up once they release another version for PS5 and Im sure Series X....goes to show that people will buy the same thing again and again, NIntendo taught everyone that with the Wii, WiiU and Switch.....sad for gamers but great for these companies that only spend minimal money and rake in the cash...

sourOG1053d ago

But that’s entire franchise numbers in one game lol.

Sciurus_vulgaris1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

GTA was ranked as the 13th highest grossing game franchise of all time a few years ago ( https://www.titlemax.com/di... It’s probably higher up the list now. Crazy how R* has been able to generate so many sales of GTA , despite the franchise being relatively infrequently released.

sourOG1053d ago

90 billion dollars in Pokémon games lol. No one is even close.

MajorLazer1053d ago

The games pale in comparison to the merchandise sales, which is where Pokemon has made its real money.

Fluttershy771053d ago

It doesn't matter if its been out for 7-8 years: show me a game that has been out for that long with these numbers. And blaming Nintendo here is a bit forced

Lightning Mr Bubbles1053d ago

Who cares, give us a new game already.

strayanalog1053d ago

But that would leave many microtransactions without a home, and someone at Take-Two will have to wait a few months as the new install base grows before getting their gold-plated shark tank bar.

B_Rian891052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

you should check out Strange Man's newest video on YouTube. He discovered a new easter egg in RDR2 that teases the GTA 6 location. It metaphorically mentions the internal struggle at Rockstar and how they're having trouble deciding on whether to continue with GTA Online or move on to the next project. It was kind of depressing to watch

strayanalog1053d ago

In my opinion, this still feels like it would be much more impressive if it weren't a multi-platform/generation title.

MajorLazer1053d ago

Highest selling CoD is just above 30 million. How is this not impressive?!

strayanalog1053d ago

Yes, and it too was multiplatform. Wii Sports, for example, was 82 million on one platform.

I didn't say it wasn't impressive, I just chose not to scale it in my opinion. But to try to answer your question, in a sense, it just feels like cheating. I suppose I'm used to console titles being of their generation and not getting a re-release every gen since their inception, outside Tetris, of course.

So, what makes this milestone impressive to you?

TimmyTesticles1053d ago

That's because you've never been very good at math

strayanalog1053d ago

Well if you wouldn't copy me you wouldn't know that. But hey, maybe bad decisions come in a set?

MajorLazer1053d ago

Wii Sports came with every Wii and is a child-friendly game. GTA V is 18+ and still sold nearly double.

strayanalog1052d ago

Interesting look at it, and I didn't even consider the rating, MajorLazer. But I will say GTA V has the advantage of being a proven IP, had an extra boost from PC sales, and houses online multiplayer, which, let's face it, is the reason it's still selling 8 years later because most everyone have already beat it.

CS71053d ago

People are pissed at Rockstar and saying that they are taking too long but I’m tired of great series churning out mediocre entries.

I love the fact that Rockstar takes it time and when it does release we get an absolute generation defining banger.

There is a reason why Rockstar’s games sit at 95+ metacritic every generation. Quality like RDR2 and GTAV takes time.

We allllll know that when GTA6 drops it is going to be out of this world.

And I think more companies should do that instead of releasing the same drivel every year.

Storm231053d ago

Appreciate your thoughts on this. Got me to think about it differently and I now am in complete agreement with this take on R*. I wish they didn't do so much milking of their two previous games, but if the next entries are also incredible, can't be too upset.