Update on HOME invitations - 26th Nov

Ted writes:

"No invitations will be going out today, thought I should make that clear straight away.
However, those that have not received their emails from last week (we can tell who they are) will be re-added to tomorrows batch which is on course now.
More news tomorrow and dont forget, tomorrow night has a load test session starting at 7pm UK time for the lucky ones who get an invite. For everyone else Open Beta is not far off now."

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gollumlotrs4240d ago

if people have been sharing the home beta with each other on here, but everyone on here not being able to get a hold of it,
why is it not possible for someone who got into home and, (using their download history) is it possible to download home from your pc and then onto a website for all to download it like a file site or something,
or transfering it to an sd card before installing it onto the ps3 (if possible) after all its only a file, im amazed that it's not on something like limewire or emule to be honest (or is it)

these are just questions though, would like to find out if someone knows the answers

Nitrowolf24240d ago

probaly becuase sony wouldnt want them to be able to carry them around like that. It higher the risk of hacks/exploits. Sony just wouldnt want that to happen.

xjxdoggystyyle4239d ago

if you have arcade games or killzone 2 beta... get at me....i got home beta :) just pm me on here and we can talk on ps3 , aim, whatever so we can trade up

Wizeguy214239d ago

Yeah xjxdoggystyyle hooks it up!

blackpanther254239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

i just got an extra home key today. im planning of making a dummy account for it.

Edit* i am going to make one. pls do not change the password i am doing this for u guys. if u have anyfriends that want home u can tell them to come to Anybody who is willing to give me a game for this i don't mind (super stardust hd). im gonna do it for free anyway, that's how people from New York roll.

doctorstrange4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

if you do have a code please do make an account, im sure i and everyone else on N4G would give you tons of bubbles
if you do decide a listing then PSN - Sebastiantheking

Fishy Fingers4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Home is totally unlocked and I'm pretty sure you can share with as many accounts as you'd like.

If you do make a dummy account, and everyone here is patient (multiple people cant log onto the store/account management at the same time) a lot of people could get in and you could make them very happy.

It would be very noble of you.

blackpanther254239d ago

u guys have to be online so that i can send u da info

Lumbo4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

I dip my hat to you, very cool move

apreciated+bubble given

PSN: Lumbo ;) in desperate need of a home ...

LoVeRSaMa4239d ago

Sounds Preatty Good LoVeRSaMa is my account, If I recive a code tomorrow Ill be doing the same thing!

Share the love people!

aftrdark214239d ago

PSN Vaughn21.

Bubbles Sir!

DR-IVO4239d ago


I love you

Spinitus4239d ago

dude help out a fellow new yorker plz

psn: SpyGun

blackpanther254239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

If u guys guys really want HOME stay online and keep watching your ps3s have sent out messages to 5 different people but none of them has responded. do not miss your chance to be in HOME

EDIT* ok it a little slower than i expected just wait guys and it will surely get to all of u. and if anybody wanna give me a psn game feel free to hook a brother up

aftrdark214239d ago

sitting by my ps3 now...

Lumbo4239d ago

Thx, i am not homeless anymore ^_^

Hope you like the little treat


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pp4239d ago

Invitations are being sent out to the g*y community tomorrow for Home with special compliments from SONY.

DNAgent4239d ago

Huh? XBL members aren't getting Home.

lpking20054239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

should we start another list!? so it doesnt turn into a begging session like the others have.

2- PSN: lpking

Many thanks in advance if you decide to do it!

Calluk4239d ago

yeh i wanna get my hands on Home too

PSN: Calluk

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