After 20+ Hours, Paper Mario: The Origami King’s Combat Doesn’t Hold Up

Greysun M. writes: "The game is slowly but surely coming to a close and my time spent with Origami King will be remembered as a great time, but for the die-hard Paper Mario fan that lives inside of me, I really wish the combat was back to the way it used to be."

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Spenok58d ago

Yet again Nintendo releases something in the real of, "Easy, rehashed, or simple."

This is a little of all 3 it seems. Guess I'll wait 10 years for it to drop in price before snagging it.

Nerdmaster58d ago

I don't think that criticism is valid at all. Although I don't like the battle system, this is a very well made game. The article itself says "While Origami King doesn’t have that system that tons of people want, it’s still a superb game in its own right" and proceeds to list many qualities the game has.

Even though I don't like the direction the franchise has been taking in the latest games and I really miss the RPG elements, nobody can deny the effort that was put in Origami King.

smashman9858d ago

I'm willing to give an indie team the benefit of the doubt, I'm not willing to give nintendo that same benefit especially because ever since sticker star, fans have been very direct about what they want from a paper mario game. Nintendo continues to ignore this and as a result we get a very disappointing that no one really wants. So while I understand you and agree there a good things about origami king. I can't sit here and praise mediocrity especially when I wouldn't do that for sony or Microsoft.

STG_Sepsi58d ago

I really wanted to play this game but the combat just doesn’t seem interesting to me. I wish it would go back to its rpg roots tbh


I'm playing it but what really bothers me is the constant nagging from Olivia, so much so that I'm thinking of selling the game. I want Nintendo to release a patch so we can disable that. I know how to play don't need that damn Olivia annoying me.

talocaca58d ago

Just finished the farm....honestly the battle system is pretty underwhelming.

I can't tell you how many times I rolled my eyes after being forced into battle. It is stressful, sometimes unfair and not particularly fun.

The test of the game is ok, the humor is great (and the ending is pretty competent).

Sadly the battle system is a big part of the ge and should've been so much more.

greysun12358d ago

Yeah I would have either wanted less fights or deeper mechanics

Outlawzz58d ago

The fighting is terrible. Don't know how they approved that design. The game would be great if not for the crappy battles. I haven't finished but it's so far 7/10 solely because of the battle system, yes 3 point loss because of it.

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