Nvidia's RTX 3090 isn't just faster than an Xbox Series X; it's taller too!

Nvidia's newest graphics card is taller than Microsoft's next console, revealing the scale of the company's next-generation graphics cards.

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lelo2play1009d ago

Nvidia's RTX 3090 isn't just faster... it's much faster.
Xbox Series X is 12 TFs.
RTX 3090 is 34 TFs.

Unspoken1009d ago

Nvidia's RTX 3090 isn't more expensive... it's much more expensive.


ocelot071009d ago

If you want the best be prepared to pay for it.

shuvam091009d ago

RTX 3070 - $499, 20 TFLOPS
XSX - $??, 12 TFLOPS

Safe to say, if MS don't deliver on the games then XSX is irrelevant. And with all their games (and Gamepass) already on the PC, there isn't much hope.

lelo2play1009d ago (Edited 1009d ago )

Makes sense... it's 3 times faster, so 3 times more expensive... LOL.

tombfan1008d ago

@Shuv... Nvidia RTX 3070, $500 dlls... and it's just a GPU, you still has to buy all the other components to make it work properly (i know some of you already has them, but, i'm comparing it to a console that already has CPU, GPU, SSD, RAM, Motherboard, Case, Ports, Wifi-Ethernet, Bluetooth.... I mean... yeah.

shuvam091008d ago

Best part about PC gaming is that we don't need to upgrade the entire PC and throw away the older stuff. My PC already has the other stuff at the ready. Just need to upgrade the GPU. And guess what the resale value of my older GPU is in comparison to a console? Not to add a major feature selling feature of XSX is already available to me, backward compatibility.

Jerlemar1008d ago


I don't think there's any way you can spin GPU expenditure as a better deal than buying consoles, even if you already have a high-end PC and that's the only thing needed to swap out. You still needed to spend a lot more for the setup.

If all you want is gaming, spending $400-600 on a console for ~7 years (XB1 released in 2013) worth of gaming is pretty darn cheap.

TheScotsman1008d ago

When people price gfx card and compare as if the can run themselves it make me laugh. Yeah 499 gfx card , then cpu ram psu. Which I believe need to be serious to get the benefit from a 34tf card so it's way way more than 499 so get a grip

RememberThe3571008d ago

Funny, at the beginning of the year we thought the PS5 and XsX were beast and we're gonna cost 500, 600, 700+. Now if these consoles don't come in under 499 they're gonna have some explaining to do.

DiRtY1008d ago

„Best part about PC gaming is that we don't need to upgrade the entire PC and throw away the older stuff. My PC already has the other stuff at the ready“

That is a very stupid way too look at it. You need to upgrade your entire PC, if you want the best experience, just not all the components at once.

Let’s say you upgrade your PC with one component per year.
GPU (600€) today,
your SSD (250€) next year,
your RAM (250€) the year after,
you have to get a new CPU (600€) sooner or later. Plus all the other stuff like motherboard, cooling or a new OS etc.
After that, you have to start with the GPU again...

Your basically paying the price of a new console every year.

I bought a very decent gaming machine last year (i9 CPU, GTX 2080super, 32 GB RAM) for 1900€. In 2023 I surely need to upgrade though.

PC Gaming is more expensive. I am in the position to afford console and PC gaming, which is great.

1008d ago
anubusgold1008d ago

@DiRtY You clearly dont know what you are talking about you just want a console. No way am i rebuilding my whole pc just for a graphics card are you are stupid. I may change out my motherboard when the new DDR 5 or DDR 6 ram comes out and thats years away .

DiRtY1008d ago


Okay, thanks for your insult.

When you buy a gaming PC and want it to be top notch, you have to pay 1,500€ or more. As I did with my 1,900€ system last year.

And I don’t think there are components that just can be used for years to come. After three years your GPU won’t b Top Notch, your CPU won’t be top notch, your RAM won’t be top notch.

If you aim for the best and want to maintain that, you will have to pay at least 399€ per year for new components every year.

And no, you can’t build a complete gaming PC that is capable to run a game like Gears or War 5 in 4K at 120 FPS for 499€.

No Chance.

And I do most of my gaming on PC currently

anubusgold1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

No you are stupid you buy or build what gets you over 60fps at ultra and what is that? a 2060 or a rx 580 with a 4 core thats the lowest you can go most people say get a 6 core and you are good so you are lying and consoles players say you love 30fps so you are a fool son. You know how hard i need to try to make a pc do 30 fps lol even intel integrated graphics gets 30fps now on high lol.

anubusgold1005d ago

@DiRtY Your consoles isnt top notch and its not out yet you are cray lol

anubusgold1005d ago

@TheScotsman Console is so far behind your 8 cores dont equal the clock speeds and performance of a pc 6 core you are behind and dont know it. I will put any pc 6 core against these console 8 cores and the console cpus will get smoked.

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morganfell1008d ago

I want great games with innovative experiences first. Plenty of eye candy is forgettable trash.

1008d ago
v_eno_m1008d ago


I have to agree with Morganfell on this one.....have you seen TLOU2?

To Morganfell's point, IMO ... TLOU2 has plenty of eye candy....but there isn't enough TF to fucking fix this forgettable trash's story =`(

morganfell1008d ago


I am not a TLOU2 fan at all.

All we heard about the One X was it was faster than the PS4. How did that work out? All we have heard is how the Series X has more Flops than the PS5. What have we seen thus far? TFs are irrelevant without the game experience. I do not look back on my top - pick a number, 3, 5, 10, whatever number of games and think how memorable a title was because of its resolution, framerate, or a reflective surface. That isn't why I enjoy a game and that is not why I go back to a game time and again. Those things are great, raytracing, all of it and I am looking forward to it. A great game experience with those elements is great. But those elements without a great game experience is utterly worthless.

LordoftheCritics1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

Totally dude bro, computing speed means shit. Who needs that anyways.

I am still mad we aren't still on PS2.

v_eno_m1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )


yeah, i agree with you 200%. The xbox showcase was such a failure.....all we keep hearing from MS is that they have the most powerful console in the lets show you our 1st party titles playing from a PC.....

that's as smart as Ford saying that their 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with 760 HP can go 0-60 MPH in 3 POINT 3 Muthafricking SECONDS!!!! SECONDS!!! so during the event, we're going to show you what it's like to drive a Corvette ZR1 (0-60 2.85 sec) that's slowed down to be the equivalent specs of the Mustang....but don't worry...Ford will have a turbo kit for it later in the year.

morganfell1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

"Totally dude bro, computing speed means shit. Who needs that anyways."

Do you really have such a fundamental misunderstanding of what is being discussed? But to that point there are plenty of PS2 titles that offer far more depth, a much more immersive experience than some pretty title with all of the latest bells and whistles.

LordoftheCritics1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

Limited minds here.

Games can look amazing and play amazing AT THE SAME TIME.

You need the right tools for the job, and sometimes to make bigger, richer and deeper experiences you need a starting platform which could mean more horsepower. I dont see Uncharted or The Witcher or Metal Gear Solid 4 happening on PS2.

I am apologizing to myself right now for having to explain myself to these limited minds.

Atticus_finch1008d ago

Tlou2 is anything but forgettable. Haters can't stop talking about it. 😂

morganfell1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

For every one of those games you list there are 500 great looking bombs. You fail to understand that the graphics of those titles has nothing to do with their being great. The way those titles look is an enhancement to their greatness, not the cause of it. The fact this goes miles over your head completely clotheslines you off the high horse that was bound to throw you anyway. Lord of something...pffft. Yes they can be both but the norm is they are not. When it comes to next generation all anyone thinks about is a purty pikture. Show them something flashy or a Tflop stat and they start screaming next gen. Then they shell out soon to be $69 and in a day rant on a forum how the game sucked or some other such insightful description of the title's issues...which were not related to the graphics. It happens every generation. Meanwhile AI is mired in 1998. You can act arrogant if you wish but your lack of comprehension in this matter thoroughly shouts down anything you have to say.


I said I am not a fan of it. Is that hate? Or is that an assumption on your part?

badz1491008d ago


According to MS, TF means EVERYTHING!

anubusgold1008d ago

Xbox is going to get destroyed at 4k as well lol

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subzero19921009d ago

RTX 3090 is also missing the CPU, memory, blu-ray drive, case, power supply, etc. not to mention Stability that you get from a console.

catlover3161008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

The series x is also missing being useful for anything other than gaming. People buy pcs anyway, so it’s a dumb comparison. It’s like comparing a stand-alone camera to a smartphone.

lelo2play1008d ago

... but the RTX 3090 can make coffee.

DigitallyAfflicted1008d ago

@catlover316 Not when you're at photography forum.

catlover3161008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

@digitallyafflicted sure, but the pc also allows for better gaming. Enthusiasts will go for what’s best. As time goes on and hardware becomes more powerful consoles become more and more redundant. The Xbox won’t even have exclusives not on pc, so it’s just redundant.

TheScotsman1008d ago

People on here with pcs use them to game or they wouldn't be here the rest of the time they downloading games from torrent site, and that's the sad truth

anubusgold1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

@ subzero1992

1.9 billion people have pcs already we dont throw them away when we upgrade like consoles. Pc's only get completely replaced with a new direct x or intel changes the motherboards again but our Pcie slots still work its been a standard for what now 15 years? I only had to build a brand new pc one time when AGP cards got replaced by Pci cards so i had to throw my pc away and start over. But every other pc i had i just needed to upgrade the gpu or replace my cpu or get new ram it was never a complete rebuild so you are on some console fanboy BS.

DigitallyAfflicted1007d ago

@catlover316 I'm afraid its only yours point of view. Consoles are what parents will buy for they kids and many other people will choose Xbox over PC just for simple user experience without need to become wealthy IT to play games. It's like saying People won't buy Honda jazz anymore because we have Ferraris. Always meter of what you prefer + what can you afford

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crazyCoconuts1009d ago

I mean even the 3070 $500 card is much faster. PC vs. console is same as it ever was in that regard. Pros and cons

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RosweeSon1008d ago

Yeah it only cost about 3X more than the console. Which comes complete with controllers cables and all the other parts needed to make that one part work.

anubusgold1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )


Just shut up you are being a console fanboy. We all have computers and PCIE have been the standard for 15+ years if you have a PCIE slot you only have to worry about your power supply and corsair and others have gold rated power supplies at 80 gold for less than 60 dollars to fix that so you are just butthurt.

MarkyMark891008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

@Jerlemar I love how you only list the price of the consoles, of course it seems like a good deal when you only look at half the picture. You could spend the $1400-2000 range to build an upper tier rig, you would be set for years to come and you spend pennies on everything else. Sony and Microsoft have never made the big bucks off the hardware, they make it back in software, peripherals, and services. I am sure you are all aware of that, so why is that never a factor when you guys compare/complain about spending $500 on a newly released GPU that will most likely runs laps around anything AMD has to offer on the pc or console side of things, I love my AMD Cpu's but waiting for them to actually compete against Nvidia at this point is like waiting for COD to stop having a yearly release

Jerlemar1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )


I don't understand the argument you're trying to make. What is the "other half of the picture" that I'm not talking about? The money Sony and MS make off of a console purchase is irrelevant to me as a consumer.

And what you're describing in $1.4-$2k for an initial setup and "pennies on everything else" aside from a $500 GPU upgrade is:
1 - Untrue. Essential PC components are nowhere near close to pennies and definitely add up over time.
2. Is still more costly than buying 1 console for each gen.

Also, I'm not complaining about the cost of a GPU. I'm talking about what's cheaper. That's it.

anubusgold1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )


Nope cyberpower PC and Dell been selling 650 dollar RTX 2060 builds with Amd 6 cores or Intel 6core cpus for a whole year now. You can look at the 2060 benchmarks destroys the consoles today at 1080P it will run games on high at 1440P as well.

SierraGuy1008d ago

Where are we supposed to fit this thing?

1008d ago
ColdSin1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

You are comparing different architectures.

RDNA2 Tflops != Ampere Architecture.

30 Ampere Tflops seem to be equal to 18-22 Turing Tflops. It also seems that the RDNA2 architecture is more performant than the Turing architecture. The gap between the next-gen consoles' power and the RTX 30XX power may not be as big as it seems at first.

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waverider1009d ago

Thats not what gamers care, because anyone with cash to buy this doesnt care about the size. Its 3 times + more powerfull then the serie X, a beast in Ray tracing, 8k available. Its just crazy.... It will be even crazier to see if some gamer is able to combined TWO....

crazyCoconuts1009d ago

Right, a big tower that is probably lit up with LEDs... Power users aren't going for small and subtle lol

1008d ago
DigitallyAfflicted1008d ago

I know since when size of the console or PC is a problem, they're not portable anyway

1008d ago
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FourCoOpPOP21009d ago

Nvidia didnt drop a bomb gpu, they activated the nuke. 34 TF!!! Omg

LordoftheCritics1009d ago (Edited 1009d ago )

35.8 for the 3090 and 29.8 for the 3080 and 20.4 for the 3070

Absolute beasts.

MajorLazer1009d ago

Beyond insane. I just hope devs will really get the best out of them, ala console exclusives.

TheScotsman1008d ago

No they won't they will develope for the biggest platform specs, and that will be xsx and ps5, and you'll maybe get the odd better texture on the 3090 and a smoother fram rate. Nothing that takes the advantage of that for 2 -3 years yet

Artemidorus1009d ago

It destroys the consoles but expensive

MajorLazer1009d ago

That has always been the case. The issue is the games. No-one brings the absolute best out of specific PC setups like console exclusive makers do, especially Sony.

FPS_D3TH1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

Exactly why I sleep. Not to mention consoles essentially set the industry par

Artemidorus1008d ago

Which is the problem and holding capabilities back

Unspoken1007d ago

Lol no. You don't know who CD Project Red is? The PC version of any game nearly always looks better than what's released on console. But I guess we need to believe? If I squint hard enough the PS5 graphics will look better than the RTX 3090.

FPS_D3TH1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

Gonna have to disagree with that chief. Without consoles you’d have a very tiny market to cater to and certainly not enough money to create the games available today. I’m not spending $1,500 on a graphics card and you’ve got to be an ignorant pc elitist to dismiss the fact that console optimization can put out better running and looking games than a vast majority of pc exclusives. Consoles set the industry standard because they’re what keeps gaming alive and popular today.

Artemidorus1008d ago

Market for PC is bigger than you think plus many spend way over 1000 for a smartphone and more frequently. Companies should provide yearly deals to tackle this.

PC is king on every game for optimization as console are limited to what they can do.

As you said consoles set a standard for gaming and popular with the plug in and play feature. You don't need a super computer to beat next gen on specs alone.

DarK-SilV1008d ago

the best selling cpu and gpu are the mid and low ranges, that is a fact based on sold units.
looking at steam hardware gtx1060/1050ti /1050 are the dominant GPU, 46% has a 4 core 17% 2 core CPU, These gpu can't run all games at 1080P/60, most run their games on SSD(not nvme) or hard disk, , Even if consoles doesn't exist , do you think developers will build games based on highend hardware when most pc users run lowEnd hardware,
the problem with PcSheepRace that they think all own rtx2080ti, even now Most of pc gamers doesn't have a comparable hardware to the consoles, nvme ssd + 8 core zen 2 cpu.

anubusgold1008d ago

Not really if you have a pc with a PCIE slot even the cheap crap you get from Walmart for 200 bucks you only need a new power supply they usually have a I5cpu and as the old saying goes you only need that for gaming.