Square Enix and Luminous Productions Have Released A New Tech Video For Luminous Engine

Luminous Productions: "Auto-generating the world using our proprietary engine, Luminous Engine, as demonstrated by Luminous Productions at CEDEC2020.
Filling an Open World in a Natural yet Intentional Way.
This showcase walks you through the Luminous Engine’s approach to procedural generation."

Sonic-and-Crash1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

...should have used this engine to Remake FFVII ....FFVII Rs visuals are at least bad using the lame U4 engine ...with environments to be PS3-ps2 level........while FFXV that used this engine had an unbelivable beautiful world and also was far bigger than the urbanized only areas of FF 7R

RaidenBlack1365d ago

Division 1 devs handled the FF7 Remake.
Division 2 devs handled the FFXV.

Tech51364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

".FFVII Rs visuals are at least bad using the lame U4 engine"

I thought the FF7 Remake looked really impressive. also While this demo is as impressive many of it's features could also be found in UE4 going as far back to 2017 and 18. UE4 also has an extensive world editor, coupled with Quixel Megascans. i think this next gen gamers should be able to see UE4 and 5's more advanced features. through the new hardware upgrades.

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solideagle1364d ago

never understood why would you need a new account until an unless the account is banned?

Razmiran1364d ago

So you can agree with yourself and somehow feel better

UnSelf1364d ago

They can use this for Remake pt 2 exclusively on PS5


Who needs plugs when your fanboys are this smug

LegoIsAwesome1364d ago

Haven't you read the latest statement of Sony? They forgot the meaning of "exclusive". All those "exclusive" they're boasting is just Timed Exclusive for PS4/5 and will come to PC. Exclusives is dead, except for Nintendo.

I thought Sony is different from MS. I guessed wrong.

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LegoIsAwesome1364d ago


Can't accept the truth huh?

Rainbowcookie1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

This being an engine topic and turning to a FF debate...

LegoisAwesome summoned Strawman...

RAINBOW casts Firaga!

LegoisAwesome casts Masterchief!

He doesn't appear 😂😂🤣 just teasing.

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Godmars2901364d ago

Square's repeated issues is trying to use scratch built game engines still being developed for new projects. Forcing their devs to work with those unfamiliar engines.

Rainbowcookie1364d ago

Agreed and then it takes so long to finish a game that feels it could have been better. I want a truly innovative FF .

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GaboonViper1364d ago

Oh my goodness that is beautiful, i hope this engine is used for FFXVI and FFVII remake part 2.


Wow, nice, awesome, fantastic great engine......... now go make some actual decent games using it!

anonymousfan1364d ago

I know this is about FF but damn being all vegetation like that... I cant help but feel like I want a new Elder Scrolls game and explore for hours on end.

lonewolfjedi1364d ago

they should've used this in halo infinite lol

Noskypeno1364d ago

What was shown in 2018 and 2019 looked good and was in engine, not sure why the drastic downgrade but it goes to show tech demos dont mean anything until its shown off in gameplay. Now hopefully with the delay they can upgrade it to what it was, given how COD Cold War went from looking last gen 2 months ago when it got leaked to looking full blown next gen just now

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