Square-Go: Guitar Rock Tour review


"Also, the game's version of star power (the bonus you build up through completeing specific parts of the song) has to be activated by a switch half way up the screen. That's far away from the buttons. Why anyone would choose to forgo hitting some notes to get the power is a question the developers should have asked themselves, especially with the phone's tilt sensitivity. Why do they make the switch so hard to hit?

While Guitar Rock Tour is generally quite robust, with a decent track selection for a mobile game, the limitations of the phone itself show through, and do so at crucial moments. Moreover, the drum option, while nice to have, is relatively pointless for all but the most obsessive completer. This game has its moments, and you love them; but after these moments come bouts of frustration at things you're powerless against. With practice to adjust to the dodgy controls, things could be great; but why bother? Couldn't they have just made it work?"

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