AT&T to Scrap Sale of Warner Bros. Video-Game Unit

AT&T Inc. has removed its Warner Bros. video-game business from the list of noncore assets up for sale, deciding it was too valuable to unload during its effort to pay down debt and streamline, according to people familiar with the situation.

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RazzerRedux90d ago

Good news. Would hate to think EAor Activision ruining another studio.

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1Victor89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

No one on their right mind would buy them as all the games they done that are hits have been DC and Mortal Kombat games

bumlezetru89d ago

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VTKC89d ago

OR a Chinese company such as Tencent.

Relientk7790d ago

Glad to hear it. The companies that were in the bidding to buy it were awful.

Knightofelemia90d ago

Oh thank you video game gods I have no worry of EA or Activision ruining Rocksteady

rainslacker89d ago

Activision gaining rights to comic book IP's has already proven to be a really bad partnership.

EA I'd have more faith in to actually make a good game, but not much faith they'd do so.

Knightofelemia89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

EA lol we all saw how that played out with Battlefront 2 EA would just buy up a studio like Rocksteady tear it apart like a vulture on a dead body and the staff will either quit or EA will most likely shut the studio down.

rainslacker89d ago

Possibly. But, EA can at least make good games when they try.

Knightofelemia89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

I still hate EA not really a big fan of Activison but out of the two I hate EA more

rainslacker89d ago

So I can tell. But that doesn't change the things I said.

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Sciurus_vulgaris90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

The 4 billion dollar asking price of Warner’s gaming division was too high.

RazzerRedux90d ago

I offered them $250 and was waiting to hear back. Guess I have my answer.

coolbeans89d ago

I told you $300 would get your foot in the door, but you just had to lowball them.

RazzerRedux89d ago


They said I needed more zeros in my offer and I replied:


Guess you were right.

darthv7289d ago

Basically this. To put the title into proper perspective... AT&T withdraws the sale of WB because nobody wanted to pay their price.

neutralgamer199289d ago

Don't they have a lot of licenses so even if someone else like Ms bought them chances to keep all those IP's exclusives were slim

rainslacker89d ago

That's usually how it works. Depends on the contract with the license and if it can be sold, and that is also connected to if the company would keep the game studio they brought as a separate Sega did with Atlus.

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