GTA IV DLC Destined to fail?

No one can argue that Grand Theft Auto as a franchise has probably had one of the biggest impacts on video games in the last few years, but has it run it's course? Has Grand Theft Auto IV, although a monster of a title, waited too long to release their downloadable content? Many will say yes.

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steve30x4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Hell no. I always look forward to the next GTA. I just wish they would make the maps bigger. Other than that GTA is one of my favourite titles along with Gran Turismo.

Also I am buying GTA IV for the PC (I have it for PS3) and will wait for the mods to be released for it also.

taz80804245d ago

I agree that GTA is a great title but will the DLC make you pick it up again? For me the DLC will not inspire me to grab the title again and I just have it on my shelf collecting dust, unlike others who probably already sold it.

chaosatom4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

But Would it be any good? probably not.

jammy_704245d ago

i mean will it be as boring the the game was?
i had to start the boring game again to get trophies and im more than half way through, what a joke cuz now i canr be arsed
if it was san andreas i wud cuz that was fun!, gta4 not as much

greyishfox4245d ago

I found this last GTA much harder to get into than the previous, too many side quests you never knew if something was a storyline mandatory or not. Too much sandbox for me. I ended up putting GTA 4 down pretty quickly so very doubtful any DLC will bring me back, especially if its not free.

LoVeRSaMa4245d ago

This game was pretty bad, I was dissapointed tbh =[

I found the game a chore to play, I am a PS3 owner so glad that DLC isnt coming out to be pretty honest.

Microsoft really got ripped off on this one.

Danja4245d ago

To be honest if M$ and R* had actually released this like a month or two after GTA4 release then it would have mattered but alot of ppl had stopped playing the game because once you finish the story mode whats there to do...

yeah there's online but Online quickly gets boring will sell well but not as much as it could have sold if they actually got it out in the summer...

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taz80804245d ago

Interesting that you mentioned bigger maps because some people felt that San Andreas was too big and this made the game a chore. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

PirateThom4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

It wasn't so much that San Andreas was too big, it's that it was mostly empty space. A lot of empty fields and forest land.

However, in the various towns and even the countryside, there was always something to do in terms of side missions and mini-games.

IV takes the opposite approach. There's very little empty space, but there's absolutely nothing to do.

Neither struck a balance, but as much as San Andreas seemed like a chore, IV is even worse. Ideally, Liberty City in IV with the fun factor of San Andreas would have been worth of the review scores.

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Danja4245d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

San Andreas was great , the good thing is even though the game was huge , there was always something to be done....whether it was "Marathons , Street Racing , Gambling , Parachuting , stealing cars for money , plus best of all leading the cops on a pursuit across all the 3 cities...replay value to the max.."

and IMO GTA: Vice City still remains the best in the series but San Andreas is not that far behind....

btw: San Andreas still sells roughly 17k weekly , while GTA4 sells between 22-26K ..on both the PS3/360 weekly..

Mr PS34245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

That this DLC is on the Xbox
Then Yes
And R* must be laughing thier ass of
50 million for 2 DLC packs that will probably cost a few Million to make
And all the Rest will be Going to GTA 5 that will be Exclusive on the PS3
So Cheers MicroSucka's

taz80804245d ago

Who ever said that GTA 5 would be exclusive for he PS3?

whoelse4245d ago

3 mistakes:

GTA IV wasn't a good enough game
The DLC is too little too late
It's platform exclusive

taz80804245d ago

I wouldnt call it a bad game, perhaps not as inventive as some may have hoped, but it took good old fashioned GTA fun and gave it better graphics and a newer setting.

I do agree with the too little too late portion though. This could have been huge if they launched it a few months after the title launched, instead we wait a year and look around with shrugs.

Sarcasm4245d ago

As far as the actual game is concerned, there seems to be people who loves it and people who hate it. Hardly folks in between.

But what's killing the DLC the most is that it's coming out so late after release. And it's not even going to be free.

If it was Free for some magical reason, I honestly think it would have made a bigger impact. Of course I know nothing like that could be free, but just saying.

panasonic234245d ago

TAz just let sonyfan believe that gta 5 would be ps3 exclusive even doe gta4 sold more copies on the 360

Magic_The_Celt4244d ago

Wtf did you just say "doe"....oh dear god

Anyway it isnt about sales, its about technical limitations the 360 would provide, most specificaly in the form of disk space

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