Biggest New Games of September 2020: It's Remasterin' (and Stadia) Time

The new games for September offer remasters, superheroes, and, if you can believe it, new Stadia games on day one.

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morganfell143d ago

It’s never Stadia time...unless it’s time for Stadia to die. And it’s always time for Stadia to die.

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anast143d ago

Hyped for Baulder's Gate III, but not hyped for Stadia.

Doomster1971143d ago

I don't think stadia is that bad. I recently bought Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal on there (so I could play those games with a keyboard and mouse). I finished Doom 2016 and it was much better than the PS4 version. I'm finding Doom eternal to be just as good. That'll be my 3rd play through's of those games. That stadia subscription can go to hell though.