Xbox 360: Europe vs EMEA Sales

Seven million Xbox 360s have been sold in Europe or in Europe, the Middle East and Africa? SPOnG asked Microsoft in Europe to clarify, and they did.

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Darkseider5238d ago

Don't take this the wrong way but like I said MANY times before Microsoft has a way of misrepresenting numbers. Is the 7 million Europe or EMEA? Now granted Africa and the Middle East are not HUGE consumers for the XBox 360 or the PS3 for that matter. But even if the numbers in both equaled 250k-300k overall sales that takes away from the stated European total of 7 million. How much does this matter? In reality probably not much. This could also be a non-factor and MS has actually sold 7 million in Europe alone. Problem is we will never really know because MS does not officially release sales figures. This has been their policy since day one. So make of it what you will.