Why You Shouldn’t Buy an All-Digital PlayStation 5 or Possible Discless Next-Gen Xbox

The new consoles are almost here! Sony announced two versions of the PlayStation 5: a standard edition with a UHD Blu-ray drive, and an all-digital version. With Microsoft also expected to drop an all-digital next-gen Xbox, you might be tempted to ditch the disc drive this time around. Here’s why you might want to reconsider that.

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ziggurcat148d ago

Not another "you should spend your money how I want you to spend your money" opinion piece...

Sonic-and-Crash148d ago

no physical format for games gaming for me the moment the industry will go full digital i ll stop gaming too..

ziggurcat148d ago

When did Sony or MS say they were doing away with the physical disc editions?

Sonic-and-Crash148d ago

@Ziggur ...they didnt..... but is rumored by the industry for future console gens after PS5 and XseriesX

SegaGamer148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

"the moment the industry will go full digital i ll stop gaming too"

I don't believe you for a second. People that say this are talking out of their ass.

enkiduxiv148d ago

I understand the sentiment, but the industry already has gone digital. Do you really think you play a copy of game like TLOU2 or Ghost without downloading a 100 gigabyte game directly onto a hard drive? Once the publisher shuts off the servers your discs are just coasters.

The real value in owning a disc is being able to lend the game to a friend. If you do this regularly with someone you can both save a lot of money. Otherwise, I would say to go digital just so you aren’t chained to a physical disc when you want to play something.

stiggs148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

"the moment the industry will go full digital i ll stop gaming"

So you're saying that you'd deprive yourself the enjoyment of playing games if they were no longer available on a physical disc. That doesn't make any sense. Did people stop watching films or listening to music when streaming became the dominant format? C'mon now, stop being so hyperbolic.

DigitalHope148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Question for you. Considering the speed of the SSD in PS5, the disk would only act as a “CD Key” as reading data off a disk would be too slow. So if physical installs the whole game on the SSD like a digital version would, is there really a difference? Out side of maybe putting your cases in a bookshelf what does physical really do for you?

darthv72148d ago

I have yet to see one person actually live up to that claim. It reminds me of all the celebs who threatened to leave America because Trump was president. And yet they are still here.

stefd75148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Im 45 with any luck the day they go full digital I hope to be long dead :) and i want to be buried with my games. I have never brought a digital game. If i can get physical like with Gundam Vs Maxi Boost then I try to order it from Asia like i did with the fore mentioned Gundam game. This is why i dont use a PC for gaming. I like to own my games. I just dont trust companies not to remove them of their systems. Look what happened to PT, Most Telltale games, DriveClub, Deadpool and only last week The Sinking City. The digital versions gone.

milohighclub148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

it was also a rumour that this gen would be and next gen. i reckon we got 2 more gen easy before that happens.

Kornholic148d ago


You can absolutely play TLOU2, Ghost of Tsushima and the overwhelming majority of games without having to download a patch. Stop spreading lies.

sprinterboy148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Anybody who says things like I will stop gaming when it's all digital clearly isn't a big gamer.
Thats like saying I'd never listen to music when vinyl or cds stopped being a thing when it went mp3 players and everyone and there cat downloaded free music off torrents streaming


Are you going to stop listening to music and watching movies when those stop pressing physical formats? Its inevitable and I'm sure you'll survive.

TheScotsman148d ago

We won't miss you. We all be to busy gaming to notice or care your not here 😁

UnSelf148d ago

Not one person in this room trade games with their friends?

rainslacker148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

I may not give up gaming, but I wouldnt spend as much money on it. If I'm paying full price, I want a physical copy. I also wouldn't buy games just to collect them. My desire to get a new console would be put on hold.

No rational reason behind why I'd wait more for digital, it's just I prefer physical, and since digital is always available, I'll just wait for sales, or more likely just skip over games because the way I shop for digital games is much different than how I shop for physical games.

My personal change in buying habits wont kill the industry, but I do spend a lot of money on gaming. That'll be offset by their potential increase in revenue, but the industries desires dont match up with my own personal demands for what they produce.

I already buy less music and movies. I still buy movies I really want. I dont mind streaming most movies...but for movies I really like, or want to experience all they have to offer, UHD is a much better option. It costs more, but I'm willing to pay for more quality and better sound. I stream music now as its included with my prime membership, but music for me is now more background than something I care about. Gaming would probably fall somewhere between those two things, but the mediums and delivery systems are different.

xTonyMontana147d ago

I won' go digital but I won't delude myself into thinking I'd quit my favourite hobby. Here in the UK, our retailers are having a price war we benefit from. Games that underdeliver can have their prices controlled by publishers. COD advanced warfighter I think it was, game might have been on digital sale frequently, It was almost always on sale on ShopTo for £18 about two months after release.

1Victor147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Keep comparing music and movies to games all you want but they not the same as digital games, YOU DON’T NEED A INTERNET CHECK IN TO USE THEM LIKE ALL DIGITAL GAMES do me a favor and disconnect your console/PC of the internet and try to play your games.
Digital game got no benefits over physical the cost the same but if you don’t have internet connection they’re useless.

Unspoken147d ago

Guess you stopped listening to music too. Stop using money when it goes digital. Stop watching movies when it goes digital. Stop ordering products when e commerce is digital. Stop writing on forums that are digital. Stop going to the doctor when they use digital equipment. Just stop using tech all together.

The world is going to be virtual eventually.

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SullysCigar148d ago

Exactly what I thought! I'll buy what I like.

I like physical media, personally, but let the market speak.

148d ago
CaptainObvious878147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

To all the arrogant know-it-alls saying I will still buy into consoles gaming if they go all digital, please shut up.

I can tell you absolutely I will not be giving any company a single cent if they do that and will simply stick to retro gaming.

Just because you have zero conviction or resilience and will bend over for anything a company tells you to, doesn't mean I will. Stop your projection.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen147d ago

Well the reason is simple for me. I have a lot of PS4 physical games so the digital version wouldn't work for me.

ziggurcat147d ago

I went all digital in 2014, so the Digital Edition of the console is the way I'm going with the PS5.

neutralgamer1992147d ago

I don't think we are going away from physical media anytime soon. The data which publishers release is so screwed up because they include micro transactions as part of digital sales so we don't know for a fact the exact percentage between physical and digital

My personal guess is it's still majority physical 55-60% and 40-45% digital. During covid it gave publishers Chance to release digital only not instead they delayed their games until they could release both at the same time. We will probably see digital only in 15-20 years and even than we will have companies release physical copies because there will always be demand for that

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Knightofelemia148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

I'll just skipped the digital version I like to collect games I just wonder how much of a price difference there will be between the two machines. Microsoft screwed up with their all digital machine by making it a $50 price difference between the all digital and the disc drive XB1S.

Cueil148d ago

and yet it sold gangbusters last holiday... I think they probably should have released it the year before and with a smaller form factor, but at the time of release and only a year-ish before the next-gen I kind of get it even if I don't like it

Kornholic148d ago

Gangbusters, lol. MS hasn't revealed sales numbers in years.

148d ago
porkChop148d ago

The drive costs very little, so any discount couldn't be more than $50. The drive doesn't cost anywhere near $50, so they'd be losing money even with such a small discount.

147d ago
IGiveHugs2NakedWomen147d ago

Exactly. People seem to want to dismiss the true cost of the parts that go into these consoles. People who break down the cost of parts seem to want to use retail costs per part instead of the massive wholesale discount given to companies when they order parts by the millions.

milohighclub148d ago

100 difference for ps5 is a safe bet

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen147d ago

So is a $50 difference, given history.

QSPR148d ago

If both bring the same space on the SSD, I'm going with physical, just you know, when you find games dirty cheap. but mostly used digital.

Unspoken147d ago

You can still collect games, you'll just be able to store them in a hard drive instead of a cabinet.

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potatoseal148d ago

Why you shouldn't give a single click to a garbage gutter-level gaming website like HowToGeek

BillyG0AT148d ago

I'm buying digital. For the 1 or 2 exclusives per year that I will buy.

anonymousfan148d ago

PS5 is the first console I am considering going mostly digital just for the lazy option to switch btw games instantly from the SSD rather than getting of the couch. I want the option to buy physical for collecting my favorite games though... The type I will leave in the disc drive for a few weeks or even months at a time like some quality open world game.

sprinterboy148d ago

Been digital a while now and I don't miss the getting off the couch to swap fifa and cod every hour lol.

anonymousfan148d ago

Oh yeah lol makes perfect sense especially for games you'd want to enjoy in small doses :)

tombfan147d ago

I don't get the dislikes, it's supreme to don't stand up to change games ahaha

rainslacker148d ago

Since you can still buy digital with the regular one, I cant imagine the price difference would be big enough to make me consider limiting my long term options. I would go all digital either way, but I dont mind spending more with what I consider a better value.

RCslayer147d ago

Really you can't get off the couch to put in a disk.

The future is people with guys down past their d*%ks and having heart attacks at 25. "Siri can you come wipe my a$$ for me" "Alexia can you feed me"

anonymousfan147d ago

Take a chill pill seriously.

sprinterboy147d ago

Getting off the couch to insert a disc doesn't reduce heart attacks or healthy fitness dude.