What Comes Next for the PS Vita?

Alex S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "Sony’s often maligned and misunderstood handheld has managed to keep its head above water, gaining a cult following that we seldom see for game systems, earning itself a place in its fan’s hearts as a top tier portable gaming device. So what comes next for the PS Vita?"

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141d ago
Inverno141d ago

I know they wont do it, especially now with the switch out and being so popular, but it'd be cool.if they had a limited relaunch. Maybe something to respark peoples interest of it. The thing has survived fully dying out for years, they should take advantage of that, do a revision ready for remote play on ps5 idk

bouzebbal141d ago

Hope remote play continues on PS5

Lore141d ago

Me too i’m using it right now and i’d really like to be able to have the PS5 on the other side of the house and use the vita for remote play without there being any lag/connection issues

141d ago
porkChop141d ago

It couldn't just be a revision. It would need to be a totally new handheld. Remember, the DS4 isn't supported on PS5 games because it doesn't have any of the new features. The Vita has none of those, is missing triggers, etc. The Vita will likely support remote play for PS4 games in BC, but that's it.

jukins141d ago

Damn didn't think of that. Wonder if sony is still gonna pursue remote play then. Would have to walk back on their statement of ds4 not be able to be used on ps5 games if they do.

crazyCoconuts141d ago

I was a huge fan of the Vita, and Sony's dropping it is one of the big reasons I ended up getting back into PC gaming. I bought a niche windows handheld and sync my game saves via Steam. I'd buy a Vita 2.

Atom666141d ago

Been a little while since I used it, but check out Moonlight (if you have an Nvidia card and it still works).

I still have my launch (and stock) oled vita safely tucked away. But I grabbed a Japanese lite off of ebay fairly cheap a couple years back. Modded it pretty easily. Moonlight basically let you do remote play w/pc games.

anonymousfan141d ago

I used to do remote play with my Vita but now that its available on any android device I much prefer using my phone. Together with PS4 pro you can have full 1080p support and mount your phone on a DS4 for way better controls than the Vita... And your phone should hopefully also work with PS5/DS5 combo.

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Profchaos141d ago

Maybe a cameo in Spider-Man mm

SullysCigar141d ago

Cameo in TLOU2 was too cool!

Profchaos141d ago

If they ever do a flashback scene to 2005 I'd also love to see a PSP some dude on a subway car playing it or something

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