Wireless Keypad shown off in new video

"Curious about how the forthcoming Wireless Keypad works? Good - so are we.

Thankfully, Sony have put together this rather swish video showing you how it all comes together..." - excerpt from PS3 Attitude.

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Brodiesan4245d ago

Video is impressive though.

Hmm ... maybe ...

Oner4245d ago

I never understood how "certain people" (not you Bro) would always comment on how it is ergonomically wrong and does not work. When I saw the first pics of it I wondered why they didn't put it on the bottom but I grabbed my DS3 and air typed as if it had one on...after that I pre-ordered mine while it was on sale at Amazon for $30. Done.

DolphGB4245d ago

Right now I'm having to grab my massive bluetooth keyboard and balance it on my knees whilst somehow still controlling my character with the DS3.

There's nothing remotely ergonmic about that setup! The wireless keypad is the answer, without a doubt.

jams_shop4245d ago

I may get this when Home comes out

dark loard4245d ago

i just pre-ordered one and a ps3 Wireless Headset £17.99 each from game

Oner4245d ago

Nice deal you got there!

LinuxGuru4245d ago

I like that touchpad mode! Really cool.

Cyber Gamer4245d ago

after watching this video i am getting this for sure very unique touchpad

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