GamesAreEvil: Tomb Raider: Underworld Review

GamesAreEvil writes: Few game franchises are as iconic as Tomb Raider. From its beginnings, back in the days of the original Playstation, it has remained a staple in most console's release schedules. Tomb Raider: Underworld is Crystal Dynamic's third attempt at the series it managed to, somewhat, reinvent a few years ago with Tomb Raider: Legend. Unfortunately, the problems the series has struggled with for years still remain. In many ways the continued success of the franchise proves that the popularity lies not in the quality of the games, but in the superstar status of its leading lady.

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CrAppleton4250d ago

Great review, I've been out of the loop of Tomb Raider for quite a while now.. still not sure about this one

bgrundman4250d ago

That makes two of us! I have been shaky on the series over the last 4 games.

CrAppleton4250d ago

Don't actually think I'll be getting this one if it has the same old problems the other games had. It's great that Tomb Raider is growing as a game itself, but it's a shame they are behind the curve

bgrundman4250d ago

Failing to evolve is the fault of a bad game designer.