Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Team Gets Hands-On With The Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X has begun to service in various YouTube and social media footage recently, and now the Cyberpunk 2077 dev team has also been showing it off.

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ArchangelMike51d ago

Shame Microsoft isn't show the full capabilities for games that are native to the Series X. We have to settle for 3rd party multiplatform publishers .

NeoGamer23250d ago

I'm not sure what you mean by that.

They've had Minecraft and Gears 5 showing ray tracing
They've showed fast SSD with the fast game switching tech
They've showed the 4K capabilities with the Fable trailer

The only complaint is maybe they could've shown the SSD speed in game rather then thru fast switching.

iagainsti12050d ago (Edited 50d ago )

XSX- Gears 5 a current gen game, minecraft a last gen game, Fable with no gameplay at all.
PS5 - Ratchet demo in game running on PS5 with RT, Quantum Error - demo in game running on PS5 With RT, GT7 trailer with gameplay game running on PS5 With RT, In Sound Mind - demo in game running on PS5 with RT, Demon Souls trailer small gameplay clips running on PS5, Resident Evil Village trailer gameplay running on PS5. Little Devil Inside, Kena, Oddworld, Returnal, Spiderman MM, Project Athia, Stray and CoD BO Cold War all showing gameplay on PS5.

So what Power of XSX has been shown, Im waiting.

CantThinkOfAUsername50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Yeah, let's buy a $500+ console because:
- It can play Minecraft and Gears;
- PS5 will also do the same;
- Fable trailer was cinematics ("CGI"), and none of the trailers (gameplay or otherwise) were running on native Xbox Series X hardware, just speced PC.

The way Microsoft has handled this shows that they've learned absolutely nothing. Remember the Game Awards' Xbox Series X and Hellblade II reveal? Everyone was gushing over, even PS fanboys on this very site. They should have doubled down on that.

ArchangelMike50d ago

All I'm asking is where is that NextGen game that demonstrates the power differential of the Series X? Have they shown one? Or are you suggesting that its Minecraft and Gears 5 that demonstrates the capabilities of the Series X?

If that's the case then it's not much to shout about.

Minute Man 72150d ago

@ arch

Gears 5 on XsX runs currently at the highest graphical settings on PC with 50% more particle effects.

Yes not much to shout about

sprinterboy50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Easily pleased I see
10weeks from launch and yet too see anything really running on a series X Barr one or 2 games.

Minute Man 72150d ago

@ sprinter

The most powerful graphics cards out can't even match what the XsX is doing with Gears 5. So downplay all you want but nothing on PS5 is WOW at the moment. We all know it's coming

Bathyj50d ago

Minecraft and Gears
You guys have the bar set so low it's literally impossible for you to be disappointed. You remind me of a beaten spouse that still loves their partner.

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boing149d ago

Gears were running on PC I think.

BrettAwesome49d ago

Gears 5 os a notoriously shitty pc port. That, and ONLY that is why Series X outperforms the pc.

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50d ago
Automatic7950d ago (Edited 50d ago )

What are you referring to @Archangel

We saw first party games playing on Xbox Forza Motorsport, Ori 2, Minecraft etc. on Series X back in March. We saw quick resume. Halo 5 had HDR (keep in mind that game never released with HDR). Even fusion frenzy an OG Xbox game had HDR. Gears 5 looked incredible. This weekend we saw Haven, Bright Memory Infinite, Second Extinction, Call of the Sea.

Xbox has been putting in the work all year. I think negative energy needs to be directed somewhere else.

ArchangelMike50d ago

You misunderstand me, I'm not saying Microsoft hasn't shown anything running on the series X, I'm just saying they haben't shown any that to demonstrates a true next gen game. This might just be me, but I haven't seen anything that shouts - "OMG!!! Next Gen Must HAve!!!!"

I mean just go over those games that you've listed right there... which one of them is the next gen must have game that demonstrates the full power differential of the Series X?

50d ago
sprinterboy50d ago

They havent shown anyrhing truly nxt gen yet like a E3 OMFG moment

Automatic7950d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Fair enough. I appreciate your response @Archangel. Is it fair to say that we really haven't seen anything from both platforms that really looks next generation?

In response to your question, I am looking forward to

Crossfire X
Flight Simulator
Gears Tactics
The Medium
Bright Memory Infinite
The Ascent
Second Extinction

Plus third party Cyberpunk 2077, Assassins Creed Valhalla, COD and more I don't have one main game that screams next generation I think all will showcase in their own right.

The Medium probably showcases what next generation is capable in a horror setting.

JayRyu50d ago

Add Hell Blade 2 to that list and yes that does look next gen

ArchangelMike49d ago

Cyberpunk is definately going to rock, not sure which platform it will shine the best on though.

I loved Hellblade, and tbh, I'd love to play the sequel. Its games like that they need to show with full next gen bells and whistles.

TheHan49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


Microsoft doesn’t need to worry about first party games when their will still be other exclusives such as Warhammer 40k DarkTide, Skorn, Senua’s Sacrfice. Ect. Plus we know the first party games are getting the special treatment they deserve.

Automatic7949d ago (Edited 49d ago )


Hellblade 2 Senua's Saga was definitely the best next generation wow moment. Nothing I seen thus far matches it.

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Ghostbob50d ago

I really think they need to get a new look for the Xbox and fast as your right that thing is UGLY

gamer780450d ago (Edited 50d ago )

its a basic design, but in that, its a smart design. It will cost MS less money to mass produce than something with multiple pieces and curved parts etc that the ps5 (that does have a nice look) has. They probably did this (in addition to heat control) to help them remain agile on pricing to undercut when one of the two blinks and announces pricing.

alb189950d ago (Edited 50d ago )

If that design will make it be less expensive, quite and maintain the console cold then is beautiful for me.

Automatic7950d ago

The design will allow for beautiful custom consoles. Remember my comment.

rainslacker49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Design is OK, but seeing it next to a person makes it look a lot bigger than I thought it was from general comparisons. While it's probably not as deep, that thing is bigger than a standard surround sound receiver.

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thebobbywhite262950d ago

Hmmm, that's not what I expected it to look like actually.

Wikkid66650d ago

Ummmm... everyone has known what it looked like since Dec 2019.

Wikkid66650d ago

It's small compared to PS5

waverider49d ago

no it isnt it got the width of 3 X.... the PS5 is taller, but much, much slimmer. And im talking the one with the blueray. The digital is even slimmer.

rainslacker49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Yeah, seeing it next to something we can relate to makes it a lot bigger than I perceived it before. The PS5 is apparently also quite large. I wouldn't be able to fit that in the shelf where I keep my main consoles. It's too tall even on its side.

MetalProxy50d ago

So damn ugly and cheap looking. Better not be more than a couple hundred bucks

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