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Iron Harvest is a RTS game set in the alternative unverse of 1920+. Massive mech driven battles make for one of the best strategy games in years.

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Nodoze143d ago

I need this....but need a new PC first.

Vengeance1138143d ago

Will def get this on PS4! Can't wait.

robtion140d ago

Me too. I love Scythe so this is a must buy. Any idea when it is out on PS4?

Vengeance1138140d ago

It came out September 1st on PS4 / PC

robtion139d ago

@Vengeance1138 Thanks I know that's what it says but I cant find it anywhere on the playstation store and there's no physical copy in shops? I think it's been delayed on consoles but there's no info.

robtion139d ago

Right just discovered it is delayed to early 2021 on PS4.

Vengeance1138139d ago

Unbelievable... guess I'll wait for a PS5 version.