Variety: Left 4 Dead Review

Cliches may be the enemy of originality, but sometimes they're a creator's best friend. "Left 4 Dead," the newest masterwork from acclaimed developer Valve Software, uses the familiar conventions of zombie pics to immerse players in the most innovative multiplayer videogame since pioneers "Quake" and "Doom." Thanks to a brilliant marriage of gameplay mechanics with cinematic genre, "Left 4 Dead" creates genuine fright while not only enabling, but forcing cooperation between four players fighting for their survival. Endlessly engaging and virtually flawless, it's destined to be one of the most successful original vidgames of 2008, and set a new standard for cooperative gameplay.

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Fishy Fingers4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

A game Variety actually like? I'm amazed. Great game though, excellent fun with friends.

According to metacritic, Variety, although they don't give scores, gave it 100/100.

callahan094249d ago

I guess you could call it amazing. I played the L4D demo and didn't have that much fun. It was OK. Not a bad time by any stretch, but it didn't seem like the kind of game I'd have any incentive to go back to over and over again, so I'll wait until it can be had on the cheap before I try the full product. Resistance 2 is my multiplayer game of the year. Berserks and an addictive rank up system make it stand out from the pack and keep me coming back for more.

iNcRiMiNaTi4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

im thinking about getting it but having second thoughts. are the controls tight and is aiming an issue? with all those zombies running around aim would be critical so u dont shoot teammates by accident...or is there no friendly fire? how is the overall length of the game. for a multiplayer only game i dont expect it to be all that long. and is there a story or isnt it just shoot everything u see from level to level. i see alot of people on my friends list playing it so i wanna join in. and i dont care much for graphics so u dont have to mention anything about that, as long as the game is enjoyable then ill pick it up. i have arcade games that i enjoy better than full games (castlevania SOTN is one of them)

Pennywise4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Screw variety and screw metacritic.

For a site named variety, they sure do like only one thing.

@hi6 - There is FF, it is minimum... the game is short, the graphics arent that great... I didnt see anything "revolutionary" like sites are claiming. I played it for the 360, I heard PC is the way to go if you are going to get it.

thor4249d ago

Whilst an opinion is an opinion, this still provides further evidence for Variety's bias.

**Note that Variety DO give a score to Metacritic even though they don't publish it on their site**

It's possible to absolutely love this game, but when you're giving 80/100 for LBP and 70/100 for R2 as well, you have to wonder if they really can be trusted to give an unbiased review.

Mr_Bun4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Don't expect much out of the graphics department or single player mode, but multiplayer is pretty least the first time thru.

Edit: If you want a game that is fun to play with your friends, then you should pick this one up.

iNcRiMiNaTi4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

yea i dont really play games based on how they look anyway. LBP already proved u can have a great game without having mindblowing graphics. but since u guys said that multiplayer is fun i might give it a shot. now i wonder if i should get the pc or 360 version. all my friends play the 360 version but the pc version has mods...ill prolly get a demo for both and see which one i prefer control wise then choose from there

thor4249d ago

I felt the same way after playing the demo. It was fun for a little bit, but I wouldn't really want to go and play it again. As much as the much touted AI director tries, it can't help but feel the same each time you play it. There is really no depth there.

If you saw the opening trailer, that pretty much introduces you to every last enemy/gameplay mechanic in the game.

joydestroy4249d ago

man, one night i played with a buddy over live, and later on woke up from a nightmare about this game and zombies! scary stuff haha

thenickel4249d ago

Don't listen to these guys seriously lol. L4D is a one of a kind co-op experience that's good on PC and 360. I myself play on 360 since I'm not a keyboard man and for achievements. The game is far from boring and needs to be played on expert with friends to truly see how addictive and hard this joker is with it's insane AI director. L4D on expert makes horde mode on GEOW2 look like a joke and to be honest there is nothing like it. Some how valve has really made a co-op experience that can't be missed. My advice would be to pick it up and don't miss out. Also if you get it for 360 then shoot me a pm so we can hop online if you like. Anyone hating on this game is either truly misinformed or a fanboy. Once again there is nothing as deep as this game available right now co-op wise but I will agree that single player while the exact same experience doesn't feel as good with co-op and buddys but still it's a great game.

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cereal_killa4249d ago

I believe Variety gave Gears 2 an 85

All Variety does is generates hits to Metajoke they dont give a number on any of there reviews but Metajoke says they call them to get a number but also stated that they will make up a score by the way that the reviewers remarks towards the game.

How does Metacritic assess and score those review submissions arriving without a source points score?

All product pages on Metacritic state the following: "All critic scores are converted to a 100-point scale. If a critic does not indicate a score, we assign a score based on the general impression given by the text of the review." The following is from a forum posting of mine: In other sections of Metacritic, we regularly track publications that do not assign a score to their own reviews (LA Times, NY Times, Hollywood Reporter, Variety), and we've always estimated the scores based on the impression gleaned from the review. I've only very rarely taken this approach in the Games section of Metacritic because gamers and the games industry are so sensitive to our scoring system and process.

thor4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

The guy from metacritic came out and said that whilst variety don't give out a score on their website, they actually _do_ give a score to metacritic. I can only presume this is so they can still be counted on metacritic (and generate hits), but that people who read their review read the actual content rather than just a number at the end.

Still, it's probably just that Variety like to buck the trend. They still seem biased, however. BUT... look at their review for "The Godfather" (considered by many to be one of the greatest films of all time). Variety said this:
"Overlong at about 175 minutes (played without intermission), and occasionally confusing. While never so placid as to be boring, it is never so gripping as be superior screen drama."
So I don't trust their reviews at any rate.

Interesting, this... the average review score for The Godfather has gone up to 100. This means that the Variety review isn't counting...

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piekat4249d ago

...I don't give much weight to Variety reviews

LethalToxins4249d ago

**sits back and waits for someone to spin this**

JonahFalcon4249d ago

You couldn't be that stupid, right? Variety has tons of partnerships - doesn't mean they give positive reviews to every movie a partner issues.

Please, get off your f'ing insecurity. You can whine and whine and whine, but...


Stop whining.

Pennywise4249d ago

There is no way to spin it. Its true.

na2ru14249d ago

It's seriously lame that OK games get passed off as AAA games.

Mr_Bun4249d ago

"Variety has tons of partnerships"

You are aware that none of them are affiliated with Sony, right?

Erotic Sheep4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Good job Jonah, you're officialy stupid. You don't think it's odd they are partners, give L4D a 10, but LBP an 8 and R2 a 7 where a lot of other reviewers say different?

Now I do believe L4D is a good game and it could recieve a 9. But it's NOT, I repeat, NOT 2 or 3 full points better than LBP or R2. This is simply a good example of butt-kissing and spinning this makes you look more stupid than PP trying to solve a drawing picture :|

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Xi4249d ago

Sony produces both movies and videogames. Since ign has sections for both games and movies they recieve more advertising from sony then nintendo and microsoft. So they must be biased towards sony.

See... it doesn't make much sense.

JonahFalcon4249d ago

Yeah, Sony doesn't have a movie studio like Columbia or Sony Pictures or anything.



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Qfragger4249d ago

For the past few weeks you have said you don't like this game over and over again. The pc version is the best, people on live just don't seem to understand the game. Teamwork is a must to like and enjoy this game. Played a few hours last night on the 360 version and i must be fair, didn't have that much fun. The players just didn't stick together and didn't work as a team.

The pc version on the other hand has plenty of like minded people who play as a team and understand you have to stick together. So it all depends if you have friends on live or not. The pc version it doesn't seem to matter if you have friends or not. The controls are also much better on the pc.

Pennywise4249d ago

So you didnt have fun and you are telling me to stop with my opinion???? Screw that!!! This game is a snore fest after the first run through. What is the longevity factor??? THERE IS NONE.

AAAND... A few weeks?? I played this game like last Thursday. I was hyped to try it out and was GOING to purchase it for PC. After playing it, I will not be wasting my money. ITS MY OPINION. YOU STOP HAVING YOURS. People like you make me SICK.

darx4249d ago

I am still buying it.

Pennywise4249d ago

darx, by all means... buy it. Its a valve game, it isnt bad.

I just dont see the longevity of the title. At a discounted $49.00 its a good pickup. I am not trying to make people not buy it. Just letting my fellow gamers know my opinions on it. I know I trust what people on this site say (for the most part) more then the reviewers who have goodie bags. I want to hear from a person who spent money and does not have any ties to the devs.

Mutley4164249d ago

My question is PC or Xbox...Which should I buy it for?
I`ve read enough -It`s a must have-

Mr_Bun4249d ago

Answer: Which ever version more of your friends own

JonahFalcon4249d ago

I always default to the PC version with a game like this, but you really can't lose.

barakiu4249d ago

is scoring a whole lot better with this remake.


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