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The Last of Us Part 2 has been out for a while. Now that the dust has settled, is it one of the best games developed by Naughty Dog? This review contains major story spoilers so read at your own risk.

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Levii_92508d ago

Once in a life time experience.. IMO hell no.

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mgszelda1508d ago

I wanted to love this game but it was deeply disappointing on a narrative level.

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Samus707508d ago

Glad to see the upvote ratio on this comment winning (even if only slightly). Fingers crossed we make it through ahead, otherwise gaming is lost. Come on, brothers!

Sunny12345508d ago

You remind me of the trolls with bogus accounts on lou2 user metacritic. Sad to see crossing fingers aint working for you.

FunAndGun507d ago

You already lost, you just don't know it yet.

Sunny12345508d ago

What other game has gotten such flak from the people who didn't actually play the game. No other ps exclusive. So yes it is once in a life time experience for people who actually played the game.

RazzerRedux507d ago

Seriously. Over two months after the game released and you still have people trolling. I've never seen any other game impact gamers like that before.

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TheKingKratos508d ago

That game rekked me
On my 3rd playthrough now on grounded plus

My game of the gen along with God of war

Knushwood Butt508d ago

Doing Ground + myself.

Making slow progress with Ellie.

TheKingKratos508d ago

Without listen mode it is a whole different beast

Enjoy it man

Samus707508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

You have “king” in your user name and yet weak fiction about women is able to wreck you 🤨🧐🤔

TheKingKratos508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

Sure ... i would be wreaked by the story because " women" that was the whole story of part 2 ?!

Since you want to talk about it
Why don't you tell me what was weak about it ? And if it so weak why it got such great scores and sold this well and likely will win GOTY

but let's ignore all of this
And I would love to hear your thoughts

EDIT: just saw your comment above ... man you are pathetic to say the least

outsider1624508d ago

Are you using perma death too...damn!!

TheKingKratos508d ago

Nope ... not that crazy ,man

Knushwood Butt508d ago

@ King

Thanks. To be honest I didn't use the listening skill extensively on my first run in standard difficulty. Even so, this is significantly harder. Those dogs!!

And not using permadeath either; I've already died many many times!

TheKingKratos508d ago

Yeah on grounded once i left behind the listen mode

My survival instinct kicked in and started playind like i play part one since i have never used listen mode what so ever in part one

And yeah F those dogs ... i blow them up every chance i get tbh

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CrimsonWing69508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

Man I really enjoyed this game. Most of the backlash is due to Joel and Abby, but I’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed Abby’s portion far more than Ellie’s.

TheKingKratos508d ago


Because Ellie was throughout the first half was blinded by rage even after Tommy told her to let go she was sad that she couldn't keep up but what happened with Mel and Owen shock her .. and made her snap out of it
You play the game and as you keep play you understand that Ellie journey was about revenge not because Joel death but because she couldn't let go of the fact that she was about to give him another chance only for him to die before she could do that
She wanted to kill Abby so she could let go of Joel and move on with her life but she knew that it will not stop her nightmares and she won't move on even if she killed Abby
To let go of Joel
She had to forgive herself and Joel and Abby ... she must be better than this to be able to move on that is why i didn't want her to kill Abby because it will leave her with nothing but regret and she will find out that revenge didn't help her in any way
Just like how Abby felt after killing Joel ... she thought she would feel something .. she would feel that she is not empty inside any more and she would start to feel happy that she killed her father killer
But you could clearly see on her face that she was still feeling empty inside and killing him brought her nothing
Even though She spent more than 4 years doing nothing but training to be strong enough to face this legend survivor who strong and smart enough to kill most of the fireflies on his own .... that would scare the hell of any one to just say hell no i will not go after that beast
But she kept searching for Joel and after doing the impossible in her eyes she is left with nothing but emptiness

She later tried to become a better person with looking out for Lev and Yara and by not killing Ellie twice just to show her that she is not that kind of person any more and she wants to move on with her life

That is what i love about this game
There is no good or bad ... and you could understand the point of view of any one of them and understand their reasons for doing what they done in this sh1ty world

In the end i loved them both equally and didn't any of them to die

I could talk alot more about my thoughts on the game ... i really can't stop thinking about it and can't think of any game that done this to me other than God of war 2018 and The Last Of Us part one

REDGUM508d ago


On another note, Ellie doesn't know who Abby is bar the murderer of Joel. Where as Abby has some king of idea now after the initial confrontation with Ellie and she can figure out the rest of who Ellie is in time. Its a totally opposite story for Ellie though, she has no real idea why she did what she did to Joel and will never know that till, possiblythey meet again.

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Broncob508d ago

Abbys was just a pathetic attempt at Druckmann copying the first one, none of the characters where likeable except maybe Owen. 3 times I’ve finished it, over Joel’s death and I don’t hate Abby it’s just her story for me was crap, forcing us to accept them as the new Joel and Ellie, it’s basically ND setting up 3 to be Abby and Lev, crap

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Broncob507d ago

@Hitchens I love Ellie’s side if you actually read my comment you would I was referring to Abby’s portion of the game. Finished it 3 times to fully understand it, Ellie’s story as I said is great and to try to warm to Abby. I couldn’t...

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