"I drove Uber to fund this game" - Developer Interview w/BareHand

Joining us this week is Edwin Jack, Founder of Barehand and Project Creator of Cede.

Edwin spoke at great length about Cede’s development, from learning from the game’s first Kickstarter campaign to where it is today. But what was really impressive, was his unrelenting dedication to game development and doing whatever possible to make his dream a reality

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Positivelypositive 234d ago

My brain was like, please an awesome new original platformer!!! nvm, I mean yay a co-op farming game!

Scissorman82234d ago

hehe same here it sounds silly but it looks really fun from the early gameplay demos.

Positivelypositive 234d ago

I plan to give it a go! Might even get the wife to stop playing animal crossing and play something else with me for a change lol.