Is Halo Infinite Better Off Abandoning Current Generation Hardware?

With Digital Foundry’s Jon Linneman expressing the concern he’s heard from developers, it seems that leaving the Xbox One behind might be the best thing for Halo Infinite.

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chrisx87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

It's part of the reasons halo infinite looks as bad as it did during that poor presentation. But with MS you never know,it could still have looked that bad if it was next gen only because make no mistake if it wasn't for the global uproar, halo infinite would have released this year.

Noskypeno86d ago

Most of it just comes down to laziness from the devs, even tho 343 produced Halo 4 which looked pretty good for its time. Crossgen and weaker hardware didnt limit the Crysis trilogy or the Metro trilogy or MGS5 from becoming graphically great games.

imtiyaz686d ago

@Noskypeno I never knew MGSV came out on the PS3. I just saw the ps3 and PS4 comparison and I’m flabbergasted. That ps3 was one helluva machine.

RpgSama86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Didn't Alex Battaglia also from DF make a full video "analysis" (talking crap out of his ass) defending Halo Infinite from looking like that using the excuse that it was the wrong time of the day and the shadows from the mountains BS? So now that it's been delayed it was the Xbox One holding it back, not the 3pm shadow?.

morganfell86d ago


I mentioned this the other day but it is time for DF to go. They lack the expertise, the foresight, and have always been devoid of even a shred of objectivity or integrity. It is questionable if they should be replaced or simply pushed off to the side. It can be wonderful to know what is occurring in a scene but far too often the technical nature of a game is given the weight that should be awarded to one simple factor. How does an analyzed moment impact you as a player? As I mentioned here previously the vast majority of players have no clue as to a title's resolution until you tell them. Suddenly it matters and does so to the extent it becomes a point of if it really is of high importance when it is in reality far from it.

Bigman4k86d ago

didnt look that bad to me

Unspoken86d ago

Well when you have console kiddies crying about optimization while requiring massive frame rate hikes, this is what you get. Leave it up to PC to push the envelope when it comes to graphics and the ability to upgrade and optimize further over time. Then you can start at 30 fps and end up at 120+ fps.

Even though lately I'm starting to see the "optimization" crying starting to creep over to PC land as well. You can't have it both ways.

esherwood86d ago

Yeah I don’t get it, looked good to me too

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notachance86d ago

it was supposed to release for current gen just like TLoU 2 and Tsushima, that's what they get for trying to pad their launch window by forcefully making it next-gen

SamPao86d ago

really... nobody would have had a problem with it releasing for this gen, WHY did they think thats a great idea??....

rockwhynot86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

They should have released it in good shape last fall. Halo 4 was released two years after Halo:Reach for crying out loud and that was my favorite Halo game.

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1Victor86d ago

@ SanPao it worked on the previous 2 generations why change it 🤷🏿🤦 27999;

rainslacker86d ago

But it didnt even look up to par with a current gen title. Even from within MS own studios, or 343's last outing it looked pretty bad.

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RazzerRedux86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

I can't see them breaking their commitment to Xbox One with Halo: Infinite, but after that it is time to cut the cord. Even then it will difficult as they will rightfully be attacked for making false promises regarding the support for Xbox One for 1 to 2 years.

ziggurcat86d ago

It's a total catch-22 situation they're in right now, I think.

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Jin_Sakai87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

“With Digital Foundry’s Jon Linneman expressing the concern he’s heard from developers, it seems that leaving the Xbox One behind might be the best thing for Halo Infinite.”

But Phil said:

“Phil Spencer: Xbox Series X Being 'Held Back' Is A Meme Created By Console War Obsessives”

Scissorman8287d ago

We've also been promised the most powerful console and look how that's turning out...

Godmars29086d ago

And you're getting "the most powerful console". Problem is its potential's not actually being utilized. Wont actually be shown till years later, if then.

86d ago
The Wood86d ago

With Phil it's a show me don't tell me. He talks way too much.

notachance86d ago

I wouldn't really hold onto his word.
He said few years ago that MS will never show games early ever again (in response to CD3 huge delay), yet a few months later they announced Halo: Infinite which haven't even released until now.

it's all corporate response with that dude, which can take a sudden 180 depending on the situation

rainslacker86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Phil will latch onto whatever is a current talking point and say what he thinks people want to hear. It doesnt matter how marginal that group of people is expressing criticism. Sony was being accused of showing things too early, despite them doing what was routine for the whole industry in terms if marketing, so spencer decided to play the good guy like he always does. Spencer is good at making promises, he just isnt good at setting expectations...which is why xbox fan boys keep lowering theirs to accommodate his incompetence.

isarai87d ago

Problem is it's so far in development, having to run on the XBO has already shaped how it's designed. So unless they want to redesign majority if the game it's not really going to do much good to do so now.

rockwhynot86d ago

Look at how The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild turned out. They developed it for the Wii U and said that they made a last minute decision to have it released for their new more powerful Switch console. And how did version running on more powerful look? Exactly the same. They didn't bother changing shit. A tad higher resolution textures here and there and some denser grassland. Wow. How scalable is this splipspace engine anywho?

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Charal86d ago

It is too late now I am sure, except from redoing the game completely which will not be the case in my opinion.

I am still very surprised that game journalists needed to see Infinite to challenge the « no hold back » lie from MS.
Anyone who knows a little how games are made, especially at DF, should have seen this coming from the beginning.