Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver gets an AI-enhanced HD Remaster Mod

RainaAudron has just released an AI-enhanced HD remaster mod for the classic Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver game.

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chrisx90d ago

What a classic. This game needs a full fledged remake.

morganfell90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

The only issue with a remake is you will never duplicate that voice cast. They need to keep that intact. These are from SR2 but it is the same cast.

oakshin90d ago

The oracle voice actor died a few years ago so you have to get over it if it ever happens

morganfell90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Oracle? Do you mean the Elder God voiced by Tony Jay?

No one with any insight says I have to get over it. What a ridiculous remark. Plenty of remasters have kept the original voice cast recordings.

Tony Jay is one of a kind:

At 1:52 you hear that timber and it is amazing. Then he tops it with the second take.

mgszelda189d ago

I would not mind the recasting but we should start with legacy of kain.

victorMaje89d ago

And the main theme music!

bouzebbal89d ago

I never got to play it, but it is in everyone's top PS1 games...

lonewolf1089d ago

I (when I first played the game) thought the elder god was played by Josh Ackland (until the credits) :D

oakshin89d ago

Yes.....and remaster sure but I'm thinking of something more though the point is he's dead he can't record new dialogue so don't get over it just know it can't happen and for the record I don't like the idea either but it's a fact and to computer reconstruct his voice is unfair to working actors of today

morganfell89d ago

"to computer reconstruct his voice is unfair to working actors of today"

Absurd. As a game maker your loyalty has to be to your fans, not the actor's guild. You give the best for your product, not the actor's employment line.

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UnSelf89d ago

Truly one of the greatest games of all time. Has a better story, lore and script than 99% of games today

lociefer90d ago

FFS we need a defiance sequel

BlackIceJoe90d ago

I wish SquareEnix would remake the original series and then finally make a sequel.

Minute Man 72190d ago

Got this on my PS3, wish we could carry our digital games from PS3 n 4 to the PS5

Gardenia89d ago

That's the one thing I want most on the PS5. Be able to download all PS1 and PS2 games ever made, or at least the best of them.

KwietStorm_BLM89d ago

I thought this game would have gotten a remake by now. Definitely before Medieval.

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