Paper Mario dev unsure if the series will continue to move away from RPG roots

Paper Mario has continued to stray farther and farther from its original RPG roots over the years. These days, the games are much more adventure-focused. The change in genres has been a conscious decision from the development team, but according to producer Kensuke Tanabe, nothing is set in stone when it comes to future titles.

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Outlawzz56d ago

The change in combat is wts dragging this game down. They keep trying to reinvent a new system instead of sticking to the formula everybody likes. The world and story are great, combat is terrible.

56d ago
King_Noctis56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I do agree. I love everything about the game except for the combat. Maybe they should do real-time combat like BOTW for the next game, but that would make the game even less of an RPG.

Outlawzz56d ago

The combat is just a chore to get through. Super paper mario on wii had regular platforming and it turned out a lot better than the past few games at least.

CrimsonWing6956d ago

I hate that they’re moving away from the RPG element of the game. That’s the whole point of the Paper Mario series. Geezus Nintendo, you already have a “Mario” Mario series, can you just let this be?

CDbiggen56d ago

Oh yeah, I need to finish this.

GoodGuy0956d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Lol they should just give up on the series if they never want to make the decision to go back to its roots. A good story, original unique characters, and the classic turn based rpg is all they need....
Then boom, huge success and praise all around!
I mean come on, they have got to be hearing all the fan outcries. But no. The whole paper mario situation and identity crises has just been so weird after thousand year door, it's rediculous.
If this ever happens, It'll be hilarious to see Nintendo's surprised pikachu face lol.

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