Nintendo's Long History of Console and Handheld Revisions

With rumors swirling that Nintendo plans on releasing a revised version of its Switch console, let’s take a look back at its past hardware revisions.

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Fraggle198760d ago (Edited 60d ago )

the 3ds c nub is still easily the worst console addition I have ever had the misfortune of using. Unbelievable why that was allowed to be sold and without a charger no less! Nintendo shouldnt make hardware basically. its always cheap or gimmicky.

JEECE60d ago

I'm okay with a revision as long as it's a PS4 Pro/Xbox One X style revision rather than a New 3DS XL revision. That is to say, it's fine to update the hardware as long as you don't make certain games exclusive to the new iteration. If you are going to make hardware that has exclusive games, it isn't a revision, it's a new generation.

Knightofelemia60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Should have used a pic of the og Gameboy I still have that Wii the thing looks like a Happy Meal toy from McDonalds. I wish Nintendo didn't go so cheap on that Wii at least they could have left the wifi card in it and allowed it to use component cables instead of shitty rf. I wouldn't mind seeing an article about Sega's console revisions and Sony's revisions as well.

Knightofelemia60d ago

My mistake not shitty rf and component cables