Haven: 10 Minutes of 4K Gameplay Running on Xbox Series X

Check out the first 4K Gameplay straight from an Xbox Series X in Haven, where Yu and Kay have escaped to a planet of their own and, they'll have to overcome challenges together in this RPG adventure

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LordoftheCritics337d ago

Im suprised its not running in 8k

Jin_Sakai337d ago

Is this the only game confirmed running on Series X?

Automatic79336d ago


Bright Memory Infinite, Second Extinction and Call of the Sea all say hello.

BehindTheRows336d ago


Bright Memory Infinite was PC footage. It can’t say hello to anything.

VenomUK336d ago

I like the look of the flying mechanic, I've done something similar many times... whilst dreaming. The voice acting is a bit OTT for me but I think I'm willing to still give it a try.

Eonjay336d ago

This was shown running on the PS4 a year ago. So it basically a BC title.

IRetrouk335d ago

Only gamespot claim this is xbox footage, every other copy of it isn't marked....its pc.

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Christopher336d ago

Small Indie game studio. Unnecessary to increase work load for something that likely won't do much to improve the graphics as they are.

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isarai337d ago

Finally SOMETHING actually running on the Series X and not some "similarly spec PC"

potatoseal336d ago

Yeah, even though it is a cross-gen game. Nice to know that the series x actually plays things from time to time.

King_Noctis336d ago

There had been a few game running on Xbox SX before, namely Gears 5.

dekke336d ago


yeah sure what ever floats ur boat :P

King_Noctis335d ago


Can you correct my statement then? What did I say that was not fact?

dumahim335d ago

I think it's more about seeing something next-gen exclusive running on SX. I mean, we saw Gears 5 and I think Minecraft a long time ago, but I think a lot of people just don't give two shits about a current-gen game running on next-gen hardware.

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potatoseal336d ago

The game is a cross-gen multiplat

sprinterboy336d ago

Finally sonething running on a series X lol

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The story is too old to be commented.