9.5 Review - Resistance 2: The Halo Killer?

Marcus L of reviews Resistance and he has some very bold words to bolster itself. Going as far as to say this game is the newest Halo and Perfect Dark, read the review to see if you agree.

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Pennywise4246d ago

This game is very addictive. Love it!

I hate the **** Killer comments, but in its own right, this game is killer.

SL1M DADDY4246d ago

Skrew the ****killer comments and just give this game props for the great online offering it brings to the table. It is a great game for those looking to get their money's worth out of a single purchase.

vitz34246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Not many games actually make it fun to combat the AI, I'm usually the type of person who figures out the AI routines and tactics very quickly. But, R2 acutally makes the battles feel very dynamic and fun.

The co-op is incredible and I've yet to touch the competitive mode.

Some people don't like the campaign, but personally I had a blast beating the game four times. Superhuman was awesome.

chasuk084246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Notice how many european reviews are now coming through, and they seem to be averaging 9+ Compare that to the American reviewers giving it 6-8's, proves how most video game sites are run by fanboys, and how much devotion America has to Microsoft.

buy a ps34246d ago

vitz3 your mind reading skills have been outmatched.

KingME4246d ago

So which side are you call fanboys?

Pennywise4246d ago

KingME, Please try to speak the closest rendition of English you can. Your latest attempt was piss poor... I think I know what you are trying to say, but no.

Tarasque4245d ago

You have to have stable servers first to even compete with halo.

Danja4245d ago

im guessing you've never played R2 the servers are lag free

Legion4245d ago

The Resistance games will become a Halo Killer ONLY once they start saying that the next game coming out is going to be a Resistance Killer. Until that date... sorry Halo has the crown.

oohWii4245d ago

Dude, since you are teaching english, perhaps you should consider teaching yourself the proper use of a suspension point or point of ellipsis.

You criticize Kingme's english, then you use an ellipsis at the end of the sentence without an omission or a suspended thought. Also, if you use an ellipsis at the end of a sentence, you actually should have four periods instead of three. I think I know what you are trying to say, but no.

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Gue14246d ago

why is that every time a good FPS appears reviewers labeled them as Halo killers like if that were a compliment... I mean, Halo sells millions and is good but is not that good it's more hype and advertisements than any other thing.

lokiroo4204246d ago

You mean like the wii right?

Information Minister4246d ago

"You mean like the wii right?" - PWNED!

Anyway don't trust this review. These guys are wrong, and so are all the other reviewers who awarded the game an 8/9/10 score. No sir, only Edge got it right with their 6. (/sarcasm)

ukilnme4246d ago

I don't like calling anything a Halo killer either. Too many, Halo is that good so it can be considered a compliment.

littletad4245d ago

Is an amazing game, just for the fact that Bungie went above and beyond to add longevity to the game. But Resistance 2 is something in it's own right, and every great shooter that comes forth shouldn't be compared to Halo simply because it's Halo.

Legion4245d ago

So you are saying it is the Hype and Advertisements that keep the millions of people playing the game? Maybe Sony needs to hire that media machine that Bungie is using.

I love the way people try to address the reasons behind something other then the fact that the Halo game is actually entertaining and fun to play.

You can hide from the numbers of Halo fans and deny their exsistence but it won't stop the Halo franchise from being the best at what it does, entertain the masses.

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Optimus_Prime4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

This generic mess is not even the Area 51 killer. Resistance is destined to be a B quality franchise.

Pennywise4246d ago

And you are destined to be a "B" rated TROLL.

MegaMohsi4246d ago

While it might not be a Halo killer because nothing will ever be able to top Halo in terms of sales, you seriously underestimate the resistance franchise, good first game, great improvement in the sequel. I believe the 3rd one will be fantastic considering this is Insomniacs first 2 shots in the FPS genre, they are great developers. Off topic did anyone else notice the bottom 2 screens were from Resistance 1?lolol

Information Minister4246d ago

Did you ever even play Resistance? No, never mind... Did you ever play Area 51?

ultimolu4246d ago

B quality? You determine that?
Yeah, right.

Man_of_the_year4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Is it just me who thinks that a "B" rating is still a really good rating...being for a GAME or a TROLL?

I wish i could have gotten a B rating in some of my highschool courses back in the day...damn Arcade being right next door..

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eagle214246d ago

grow up and jump OUT! :)

thenickel4246d ago

I'm sure the game is great from all of the feedback people leave on N$g but what is it with this Halo killer crap. Is it these guys just never liked Halo or something because this should be about RFOM not freaking Master chief.

DJ4246d ago

And the comparison makes sense. Both are huge, exclusive FPS franchises for their respective consoles.

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