Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart PS5 support, biggest new features, and the mysterious female Lombax

Insomniac talks heroes, villains, weapons, and the all-important PS5 hardware

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morganfell63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

"What we do know is that this is a game that continues on the Ratchet and Clank Future series, although isn't a direct sequel to Into the Nexus as originally thought. However, it still maintains plenty of the series DNA, despite the leap to PS5 and the introduction of multiple worlds."

So glad they are delving into the lore of R&C, in this case with the Dimensionator and how that is tied to the Lombax race and Ratchet's father.

And I love this remark, "Part of the reason we wanted to add dimensionality as a theme is, it's wide open. This is one of the few franchises that can get away with doing anything. We can basically do whatever we want."

63d ago
bouzebbal63d ago

It still has a lot in common with Into the Nexus, which is an amazing game btw, and for those who missed it like me it's on PS Now.

SamPao63d ago

psNow is really great for Ratchet games :)))
just wish they would add ALL of them

Retroman62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

one thing troubling me about the Dimensionater , Clank was last seen tugging it along with him. sooooooo , the 64,000 dollar question is "how did" Dr. Narferious get it in Rift Apart???

morganfell62d ago

I would say we are going to find that out. All I can say. Nefarious has possessed it before. And there was a less powerful version invented as well. We do not know where Clank took it and likely this will pop up in the story and be one of the sore spots that sometimes appear between Ratchet and Clank leading to hilarity.

dRanzer63d ago

Can't wait to feel that controller

jukins63d ago

Thats kinda what im most excited about. Juat feel insomniac is really gonna wow on this feature

Bathyj63d ago

'the energy of a portal is sort of its own unique sensation. You get a sense of the distance of it, because the haptics add so much sort of texture to that experience," adds game director Mike Daly. "And the same goes for 3D spatial audio. Basically, you know, all the other new channels of feedback we have, reinforce this notion that you are passing through this portal."

I don't think people really fully appreciate the difference "feeling"your games is going to make. The same way you can't understand VR until you try it. I think it's impact is going to be apparent as soon as we play this game.

SullysCigar62d ago

This. VR has to be experienced first hand. No words or videos will convey the sensation.

As for the controller, I still enjoy the bog standard rumble we have currently when used cleverly and simple sounds through the DS4 at the right moment. DualSense is taking this to the next level and is going to heighten the experience further.

All those saying devs won't use haptics or resistance triggers might want to read up on the games already confirmed to be using those features throughout.

The new COD for example. Third party games will look - and run - almost identically on next gen consoles, but they're going to be a better experience on PS5 thanks to DualSense.

Inverno62d ago

With all this talk about feeling the experience due to advancements in audio and what the controller will be able to do, I hope 3D gets implemented more often next gen. Ik most dont care but when its done right that added depth in the image makes things look better. Hopefully 3D is a feature theyre thinking about for PSVR 2

morganfell62d ago

3D is something many have forgotten but I enjoy a great deal. I have not only the PS2 originals but the first 3 R&C remasters on PS3 and the 3D in them is a blast.

SullysCigar62d ago

I know it's not really what you mean, but I watch 3D movies on my PSVR. It's great, since you don't need a 3D TV anymore!

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Rimeskeem62d ago

The fact that every gun will have a slightly different feel with the controller is absolutely next level immersion. That is like recoil with guns and how each is slightly different and such.