The Watercooler - Don't Shoot the Puppy

Today's Watercooler features a little flash game entitled 'Don't Shoot the Puppy'. It is not as disgusting as you may think, and it's certainly less disturbing than that PETA Thanksgiving game.

What is disturbing is just how difficult it ends up being to not shoot the puppy. It's not some kind of emotionally troubled reason either - you don't do it because you want to, it just kinda happens.

Test yourself!

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Cookigaki4752d ago

Cookigaki had to submit this! Cookigaki loves the Watercooler and this time it is game related enough to put on N4G! Watercooler needs more love! Not shooting puppies is hard!

That is all.

Twizlex4752d ago

LOL, you beat me to it.

techie4752d ago

Cookigaki has good taste.

Twizlex is a diva.

Twizlex4752d ago

Yes, so I've been told. But I also understand that deep is a complainer and Nostradavis is a drama queen. Where is Nostra anyways?

Cookigaki4752d ago

Yes, Cookigaki has the best taste ever, the taste of oatmeal cookie.

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