Observer: System Redux Gets New Trailer and Free PC Demo

There's also a new trailer that's worth a look if you're interested in the next-gen version of this great game.

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masterfox87d ago

kinda confusing about this next gen demo, I mean yesterday I download it played a considerable time, highest setting full HD(very few options btw) and it run flawlessly almost all the time at a 60 fps, the atmosphere was really stunning but kinda static environment too, I think there was some ray tracing parts in there, but the thing is I have a 1060 6 GB card so that means I just ran a next gen game flawlessly?, pretty cool if true lol, but I think that was possible cause the environment was kinda static, by static I mean there were no object physics, no wind physics, only some particles, reflection and lighting effects and the demo was isolated to small places, or maybe the demo ran good for me cause the devs are damn good at optimizing :D, nonetheless it looks very very promising and it looks stunning as a first impression, a detective in a cyberpunk world definitely interested.

ArchangelMike86d ago

I enjoyed the demo once I got into the retro cybrepunk vibe of it. I have to say though, I thought the sequence where you jack into that guy, and go on the mind trip went on for too long. I hope those type of sequences are not so long, and have more focus too them. I just seemed so random.