Apple terminates Epic Games’ [game accounts], making Fortnite and other games unavailable

If you had previously downloaded Fortnite or any other Epic game, you can still play, but those games will not be able to be updated.


Admin: updated title. They didn't terminate their development accounts for Unreal Engine, just accounts associated with the Epic titles out on iOS.

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Tech552d ago (Edited 52d ago )

"Apple terminates Epic Games’ developer account"

this is surprisingly good news actually... no way am i using a feature that required you to spend $800 and have a Apple developer account. https://docs.unrealengine.c...
hopefully Epic can make their mo-cap feature work closer to cheaper and more accessible hardware.

BLizardXD52d ago

apple fans don't think so.

bouzebbal51d ago

Fortnite and Apple, two overhyped brands..

51d ago
rdgneoz352d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Surprising that Apple did it, since a judge told them not to...

"Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers late Monday evening, through a temporary restraining order, blocked Apple's move to revoke Epic Games' developer accounts.

But, the judge also ruled that Apple can continue to ban Fortnite from the App Store for breaking the store's rules."

Going against a judge's order can bite them in the butt later. Should have just stuck to the Fortnite ban.

ssj2752d ago

Only stupid people follow what government or judge tells them. If is yours you do whatever you want fuck government or judge mafia. Why you as a business have to bend over to a mafia or other business. People are such a sheeply now days only God can tell you what to do government doesn't have more power than you as a person

LucasRuinedChildhood51d ago

"People are such a sheeply now days"
"only God can tell you what to do"

Outlawzz51d ago

@ssj27 Well I mean you follow the rules or you don't. It's simple. Nobody can tell you what to do but there's consequences for not following the law. You follow the rules every day. If making believe your a rebel makes you feel better then good for you lol keep fighting the establishment !

sprinterboy51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Only God can tell you? pmsl, who's the sheep now?

NeoGamer23251d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Yup and in the name of God almost every war to date has been fought. Billions have died because stupid ass people that want to remove accountability from themselves use God as a crutch to justify their actions. "God spoke to me". What a bunch of BS. There is not God so how can it speak to you?

Where does this God live? Where is heaven? Where is hell? How did God come to exist? How come science has explained planets, life, etc without God. Heck we even can surmise now that there is probably life on other planets.

Worshipping God has repressed women, promoted slavery, ignored medicine, persecuted science, said the planet was flat, etc. Not a single fact believed by believers was true. The only thing worse then believing in God is using God as an excuse to do what you want rather than follow the laws of the country. Without laws the world would be chaos because every stupid ass on the planet could say, "God told me to kill everyone". And get away with it.

BillyG0AT51d ago

My god is better than your God.

Dab51d ago

You must teach law at the local prison

silenthillstrangler51d ago

Except God doesn't tell you anything.

51d ago
Atticus_finch51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

@Lucian229 Obviously Goku. Lol

@Ssj27 My dude you're very confused. Religion is a very early form of Government. And like any first version of anything, it sucks.

Profchaos51d ago

But it sounds like you're towing the same line all the deniers tow which makes you a sheeple to just in another direction.

RgR51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

@ neogamer
World wars were not about and before Christianity and even during the rise of Christianity there were plenty of wars....a shit ton of them...all of the time. Mainly to get someone else's stuff or conquer more land.
Take China. None of the wars were about God really. And during the old testament ...wars were also not really about God.

So, besides the crusades which were efforts to preserve the holy land...what wars are you talking about?

And you should read up on history. The world truly was chaos and Christianity brought a ton of values and order that you take for granted today. Still with mistakes because people are people but definitely better than before.

As far as science well that's a different God. And in the past even scientists could admit that there are many unexplained events. Many miraculous cancer recoveries and other things that doctors have no clue about. If you were not aware btw in order for a miracle to be deemed a miracle by the church it must first be presented to scientists to explain. Only once they can't explain it does it move up the chain.

ssj2751d ago (Edited 51d ago )

To clarify because there is lots of naive people around here. I follow God law or try to follow thanks God most of his law are used in by most governments now days or based from it. I never say don't follow the law I'm saying follow God law overcome any government law anytime anywhere. Everything else is wrong and abuse of power. So if apple has a netwok and he wants to charge 30% nobody was forcing x company to use apple network if you don't like their prices bye bye i dint see anything wrong it's actually the other company who was cheating because they think they could and they can complain or try a deal for less % sure but they can algo get caught and kick out i don't see why apple need to be forced to allow them to make more than others in terms of % or government getting involved will bring us closer to a totalitarian government which is what is happening 1984 little by less

Ps once you die you will find out which God

RosweeSon51d ago

Lay off the Charlie and stop watching wolf of Wall Street 😅😅🤣

King_Noctis51d ago

Man thanks you for making my day with this comment.

kopp3rbug51d ago

So red lights and stop sign don't apply to you then. Drivers license or personal I.D. don't either?? Im also assuming you don't use money to buy things???

lucian22951d ago

But which god's rule are you following? because you may be violating the wrong one....cuz you know there are over a thousand

NeoGamer23251d ago

Many conquering wars were about a God believing nation trying to conquer another nation to instill their way of life (religion included) upon the other nation because they felt their way of life was the best and needed to "show" the other country that it was better by conquering them. They may not have been solely about God, but how many leaders have been quoted as saying, "God willing we will win war X". ISIS and al-Queda are all about instilling a harsh interpretation of religion onto people. The wars fighting between communism and capitalism were about both religion and economic systems. The small wars conquering north/south america were races not only to establish trade routes but to impose religious and economic beliefs on first nations.

Yes, man has evolved over time. This was not because of religion. This was a need to create order as humanities population grew and weapons humans created got more and more sophisticated. Religion did help convince people of the need quicker... But, it was a need that was destined to be fulfilled just like there are hierarchies within animal species there are hierarchies in human species (That I might add are wrong - #BlackLivesMatter). Don't get me wrong there has been good things because of religion, but there has also been a lot of bad.

Science is not a different God. Science explains things through a fact based method. Scientists don't worship anything, they require proof for the explanation. Religions explain things using God as the explanation for everything. Science has not explained everything that has ever happened. But, over time it will. And to date what science does not explain can be summed up as statistical odds. Meaning that if a billion people get cancer, a few of those people could recover for an unexplained reason. There are so many permutations that can happen in any event, some are bound to be unexplained.

You still have not addressed any of my questions about where God is? How God came to be, etc. Those are as unanswerable as science not explaining miracles. Also, you fail to explain why over time, the bible is being found to be inaccurate in explaining the world and why people's interpretations of the bible have led to strife. Why should anyone believe in the bible if over time the word of God has been found to be wrong?

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Christopher51d ago

They didn't. Bad title is bad.

They revoked Epic's account for their games, not for the development tools. The developer accounts are tied to unreal engine, not epic game accounts.

D3TH_D33LR51d ago

Let Epic make a countersuit then. So Apple Pay’s a fine? Big whoop. A price I’d pay to show a shitty game dev they’re not better than every other dev that pays 30%

NeoGamer23251d ago

To begin with all these companies are horrible.

But, in this case the tail is wagging the dog.

Developers make a platform successful. Nobody buys a platform that does not have apps/games. So, it is those same developers that make the platform viable. To charge developers 30% and make it a massive revenue stream is wrong. I am fine with Apple's rules. But, the amount they charge developers should not be 30% and a massive revenue stream for Apple. It should only be what is required to run the store.

Developers don't really pay that 30% either. It is us as consumers that pay that cost. Developers jack their prices on the Apple Store to keep their business viable. It is ridiculous what is going on and it needs to change.

lnfiniteLoop51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Epic Games has been banned from the storefront... not the Epic International account which has the Unreal Development tools that Devs have access to... therefore not going against judges pre trial comment...

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Knightofelemia51d ago

Well the Iphones with Fortnite on them are going to go up in price on Ebay

DaniMacYo51d ago

And in other news Lewis Hamilton is on Pole Position for the Belgian Grand Prix again.... should be an exciting race if it rains at some point during the race.

51d ago
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