Quantum Error for PS5 and PS4 Reveals First "Cosmic Horror" Gameplay From Early Development Build

Today during the Future Games Show, Teamkill Media revealed the first gameplay of its upcoming “Cosmic Horror” game Quantum Error.

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morganfell1003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )

Long over due for a game of this type and the System Shock / Dead Space / Event Horizon vibes are excellent. I really like the dismemberment effects they are employing. I do hope this arrives at or near launch.

GaboonViper1003d ago

Agree Morgan, horror is my favourite genre and this looks like a great game in the making, the developer's have promised proper horror too, they have taken inspiration from the original Alien, really building up a sense of fear and constant desperation.

morganfell1003d ago

Exactly. It is the old axiom, fear of death is worse than death itself. And your Alien reference is spot on.

TheKingKratos1003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )

I love this style of horror games and i wish there was more of it on the market

There was few times in TLOU2 that remind me of Dead Space 1 even though it is not really a horror game
Playing it on survival is not nice
Grounded is nightmare fuel

Nacho_Z1003d ago

Finally a horror game with combat. So much better (imo) than cowering under a table until the nasty goes away. I imagine it's harder to make but it's well worth the effort considering how important gameplay is.

Army_of_Darkness1003d ago

I 100% agree bro. I hate horror games that only involves running and hiding like a little B*tch... I miss games like silent hill, dead space and resident evil type of adventure horror. Scared as sh1t but at least I still have a chance to kill it!

Nacho_Z1003d ago

It's like half a game when you can't fight back, you can still feel scared and helpless in a horror game with guns if it's tough, atmospheric and sparing with ammo but killing the monsters is half the fun.

mkis0071003d ago

Dead space is the first horror game I loved.

MadLad1003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )

A little bit of system shock. A little bit of Doom 3. A little bit of Dead Space.

Me likey.

That enemy model damage is pretty cool, too.

DarXyde1003d ago

The ray tracing looks nice. I can appreciate the vibe they're going for, but I think it's still a ways to go (then again, this is an early build, so benefit of the doubt). Firing the gun felt oddly muted and perhaps a bit unsatisfying. I feel that it's missing a certain horror element, but ai can't quite figure out what.

Again though, withholding judgment.

Destiny10801003d ago

the flashing lights kill it for me, really annoying

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