Windbound Review: A Wonderful Seafaring Adventure That’s More Than Just a Wind Waker-Like | Exophase

Exophase: "As you play Windbound, you’ll notice that while there may be some Wind Waker influence present, the game is able to stand on its own thanks to its ambitious design direction."

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XxINFERNUSxX893d ago

Not according to steam reviews https://store.steampowered....
(Hint: Mostly Negative )

TheSanchezDavid893d ago

That's a shame, really. I greatly enjoyed my time with the game. And with the exception of a few minor issues -- which I discuss in my review -- I thought it was a great survival action-adventure experience. Granted I can't speak regarding any issues the PC version may have, but on PS4 the game performed well and not once did I encounter any bugs. There's a little bit of jank in the platforming but nothing crazy.

Windbound definitely tries to do a lot, so there's a bit of give-and-take -- one example being that the combat is fairly simple, which I didn't mind, while the crafting is intuitive yet deep. For me, the high level of ambition behind the game paid off.

XxINFERNUSxX893d ago

I was interested in the game to, when I read it was somewhat like The Wind Waker. Maybe it was rushed for the PC and not optimized that well at all.