Rockstar Resetting Grand Theft Auto Online Accounts for Using Garage Money Glitch

Rockstar Games is wiping the Grand Theft Auto Online accounts of many players who exploited the apartment garage money glitch.

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pumkin5498d ago

I agree. Cheaters really can ruin the experience for everyone.

GamerRN97d ago

How about instead we make jobs more profitable so we can actually afford to buy the higher end shit without playing every day for a month

porkChop97d ago

When the game first came out jobs paid pretty decent from what I remember. But then they kept updating and lowering payouts, while making everything more expensive.

Profchaos97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Number one reason I never sustained play long term is the lack of money the jobs paid out vs the cost of everything it feels like jobs barely pay enough to cover the ammo used to complete them.
Nowadays.ive played a bit more and find myself getting more money from ceo missions and nightclubs but they get tedious. I'm fi ding I'm getting far more value out of rdr online as I can't be blown up by a guy who spent a ton on shark cards and owns a fighter jet as money does t matter as much in terms of what you can purchase vs what you earn from the grind and your ability

Gamerking8296d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Boo hoo I see some of the loser down voters on here who have just been reset . Ha so glad suck it up u scum bags !. You lucky that’s all you losers got !.

Gamerking8298d ago

Might seem harsh but I think anyone who did it should of also been banned . They knew what they were doing and stealing is stealing I have no respect for any of them . Ban the idiots rockstar, Sony and Microsoft .

pumkin5498d ago

I almost think logging in and seeing your account reset to zero is a worse punishment. Can you imagine? With banning, players have the knowledge that their characters are at least still there, even if they can't access it. This way, it's just gone. Like pow.

Inverno97d ago

This game got boring real quick, and Rockstar ruined the multiplayer from the moment the servers were flipped on. Money glitches ruin absolutely no ones fun, but you know what did? Hackers which are still messing everything up on PC. They care more about selling sharkcards tho

TheHunter8197d ago

I remember on the PS3 when multiplayer first came out, there were so many exploits to making money, most notably the garage exploit that allowed you to sell your most valuable vehicle without losing it over and over. We used to make millions :p

Knightofelemia97d ago

Ouch back to ground zero for doing a glitch well they deserve it. But everybody knows once Rockstar patches it or drops a new update a new glitch is found with GTA online.

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