When Fanboys Attack -The Conclusion

Gamer Limit writes: "Not too long ago here at Gamer Limit, I was given the reigns to write 3 articles to act as a social experiment in a sense. There is no doubt in any ones mind that fanboys exist. I wrote 3 articles, all had similarities and can still be found here & here. While I firmly standby what was written, I wrote each in a manner to get the fanboys going. The following is a compilation of the results that were gathered based on those opinionated and not so opinionated people. There is nothing scientific about this story and all results are deemed unproven by any official means. The results are based off the number of "Hits" Gamer Limit received and the overwhelming outspoken comments given to each story. For this we will also tally comments from a popular gaming site, which compiles the top gaming stories from around the web, while also allowing users to comment on stories."

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el_bandito5234d ago

LOL. Gamer Limit has just used N4G as its lab rat.