The Vale: Shadow of the Crown - A Game for Blind Players

Falling Squirrel released a demo of a highly innovative game for people that are visually impaired. The game is called The Vale: Shadow of the Crown, and you play as a blind character. Despite the lack of visual cues, your character will have to fight enemies, hunt for resources, explore the world, and find gear.

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Minute Man 7211194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

I thought the demo had a bug after waiting for it to load


New Games with Gold for June 2023

Explore the worlds of two unique, narrative-driven games this June with Games with Gold! On Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, sticking to one critical moral decision is harder than you think in the poignant Adios, and then starting on June 16 listen closely as you try the outside-of-the box audio driven adventure The Vale: Shadow of the Crown.

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Christopher187d ago

At least GWG gives me the chance to look up games with which I'm not familiar.

italiangamer187d ago

Adios is what xbox fans should say to games with gold 🏃🏻‍♂️💨

Jin_Sakai187d ago

Why GWG is still a thing is beyond me. Just put the extra effort into Game Pass and call it a day.

porkChop187d ago

Personally I think they should just scrap XBL Gold entirely and replace it with a new feature/benefit for GP Ultimate subs. Just make multiplayer free.

SullysCigar187d ago

Just bin it at this stage, xbox - you basically already have anyway.

Eonjay187d ago

This is just an overly aggressive attempt at making their higher tiered plans seem more attractive.

oIMyersIo187d ago

Should probably scrap GWG and move to solely GP, drop the price slightly and crack on because GWG has felt like an afterthought for a very long time despite being advertised as one of the main features of Gold or GamePass Ultimate.

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The Vale: Shadow of the Crown review - ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes - "When I first saw this game, my immediate thought was 'I bet Sonny would love this!' You see, my wife's stepdad Sonny was blinded in Vietnam, and while he has done quite well for himself despite that, he has certainly sought out alternate forms of entertainment, since he's rather limited in that area. It's been a real challenge explaining to him what video games are like since he hasn't seen a thing since the late 1960s, but I bet he would absolutely love The Vale - and the best part is, even those of us with full vision have a lot to gain from it as well."

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The Vale: Shadow of the Crown Review: An Immersive Audio Adventure (PC) - KeenGamer

KeenGamer: "Lend the Kingdom of Glades your ears in the action-packed audio-based role-playing game, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown. You play as Alex, a blind princess and a skilled combatant, who aims to save her beloved lands from an unexpected evil."

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