Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4 Canceled for Apple Devices, Epic Confirms

Epic Games' ongoing feud with Apple over in-app payment processing has developed further today as the publisher has confirmed Fortnite's new season won't be coming to Apple devices.

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Jin_Sakai91d ago

Epic has no one to blame but themselves. They started all this and now they’re paying the price. However I don’t believe Apple or Google should take a 30% cut from developers. That’s too much.

Agent_00_Revan91d ago

I fully support the statement that Epic is TRYING to make. 30% is Way too much. But they didn't do it in the right way. It came off as spoiled and childish, and now it's just 2 multi billion dollar companies getting in a pissing match.

But this is getting hilariously interesting.

Teflon0290d ago

Naw, 30% of a virtual Currency that has no real cost value? Pretty sure that's the standard around the board

Deathdeliverer90d ago

When they signed the contract I’m sure it was 30% then, same as now. Epic has had several games on mobile stores. Never had a issue with any of it. What changed in all these years? Fortnite has gone to their heads. That’s what. They feel like losing it would be such a devastating hit that they would just bend to epics will. You can’t suddenly say I don’t like this contract/deal anymore so I’ll just change it. Apple said “we are fine without your game” and epic responds with removing unreal tools from devs that want to use their tools on Apple? That hurts the indies more than ANYONE. They now have to find another program to use that works on both OR only have android customers. Epic screwed over it’s own fans and developers because they can’t believe someone had the audacity to turn down Fortnite.

SamPao90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Once you are that big and bring in that much money you can absolutely start to try to change things and renegotiate your contract. Unfortunately if you have a company with more or less a monopoly you just go to court nothing wrong with that.

MasterChief362490d ago

Considering how this season is completely Marvel-focused, I'm wondering if they might get in trouble for this due to it probably being a very strict business contract.