15 Minutes of PlayStation Home writes:

"Sony's video gaming version of Second Life will be made available to PlayStation 3 gamers very soon. Imminently, even. Take a look at what you'll be skipping about in before the year is out."

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LiquifiedArt4236d ago

Its still fun to watch videos of it lol. Now i just gotta unlock the rest of the ice breaker clothes Grrr!

Pennywise4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

I got the hat, what is the score for the rest of the items?

LoL this site is turning into a joke!!! How in the hell could my above sentence be a disagreeable comment?

phosphor1124236d ago

Trolling is just a click away.

Tarasque4236d ago

I didn't watch the video, but i am assuming it is showing everything in home being that it is 15 mins long.

originalrece4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

Home is fun as long as u find the right people to talk to. I cant wait for the full home to come out (i hope soon next two weeks) And when it does come out i cant wait to see all of the new features they will have like game launching and clubs all that kind of stuff. I'v got an idea and i think next year playstation should make it mandatory (just like the trophies) to be able to game launch that game in home because the more games u cann launch to with friends the better it will be for home.

PP??? do u have a life dude?
wat do u do all day just sit around n4g making fun of the ps3 just because u dont have one?? Your sad really sad man.
I really dont even u own a 360 cause for every ps3 artical u say somethin negative to it. If your "360" is so great get your srry as$ off n4g and go play it

Tarasque4236d ago

Thats pretty sad when you say home is fun if you have the right people to talk to, well that sums it up for sure. Next on the list who wants to watch paint dry??????

Zip4236d ago

when is it that the shops opens

chasuk084236d ago

Never mind when the shop opens when does Home open to everyone !

poet2154236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

Almost all the excitement I had towards home is damn near gone. This was due out fall '07, we're about to hit 2009. No beta invite for me at all. G.A.P. member since '02, I downloaded the theme months ago, still no invititation. At this point, I'll mess around with it, when it's finally released. But, until that time comes, I'm so tired of hearing about it. Although I'm glad Sony is taking their time & trying to release it with all the bugs already worked out. Maybe I was a little over excited, since it's announcement. And due to the delays, I feel a little let down. Oh well, that was my vent......BTW my N4G name is also my psn ID.

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