September’s free PS Plus games: PUBG, Street Fighter V

Chicken dinners and shoryukens are on the PS Plus menu this September. Take on 99 other competitors in PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or challenge the world’s greatest warriors to a scrap in beat ‘em up Street Fighter V.

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Abnor_Mal466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

Sigh, I guess I can give SF5 a go, I wonder if it's just the base game that many felt was missing modes and characters iirc.

Not interested in PUBg.

TheEnigma313466d ago

it is the base game that's missing everything.

ABizzel1466d ago

That's not true, the base edition received the added characters, and the update to the Arcade Edition which adds arcade mode, more costumes, more stages, and challenges.

Army_of_Darkness466d ago

Already got sfV... Don't care for pubg.. So this gives me time too work on my back log.

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SullysCigar466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

I'm actually pretty chuffed about Street Fighter V! Hopefully we're getting the finished version, not the bare bones launch version - either way, I'll definitely enjoy, just to what degree depends on the amount of content.

Played PUBG at a mate's about a year ago and thought it was a mindless time drain that played like trash. Happy for anyone who wanted it though - it's two very different games which is always a bonus!

Broadly speaking, I'd say this is a pretty solid month!

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bcbproductions466d ago

Actually with the base game you will be upgraded to champion edition. You will not receive all the characters but you will at least have the latest patches, and also arcade mode.

CobraKai466d ago

There’s also a dedicated story mode, similar to MK or Injustice. It’s a free but separate download.

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TGGJustin466d ago

Seeing a lot of people complain b/c both of these are on PS Now. The thing those people need to realize is that there are only 1-2 million PS Now subscribers. There are over 44 million PS+ members. Just b/c a game is on PS Now doesn't mean they should ignore the ability to offer it up to tens of millions of more players.

darthv72466d ago

kind of like when a GwG game was on gamepass and vice versa?

TGGJustin466d ago

Sure but to be fair Game Pass members are probably closer to total GWG members than PS Now is to PS+. We know that there are nowhere near as many XBL Gold members as PS+ and they are sitting at 44+ million. We also know that there are over 10 million Game Pass members. So yeah I think Game Pass and XBL Gold membership are probably pretty close to each other. PS Now is a tiny fraction compared to PS+.

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Smok91466d ago

It’s as if a lot of people don’t want to play games on ps Now

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TheRealTedCruz466d ago

Kind of lame, being a now subscriber.

CR7JUVE1897466d ago

Not really. Not at the current price. There are a ton of PS3 games that I never got a chance to try out, and a bunch of family friendly titles for my 4 year old son to play. Works out pretty well.

Silly gameAr466d ago


Is that a thing? Do PSNow members complain when games come to PS plus that are on Now? I didn't think many people were on PSplus, or that's what I keep hearing. Since PSNow is a failure, I don't think many people will mind that the games are on Plus, especially games that are good quality.

TheRealTedCruz466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

I'll slightly edit your comment

"Is that a thing? Do people paying for both services enjoy being offered as many games as possible?"

Believe it or not, yes.

And was I complaining? I wasn't complaining that the games came to Now. Just that Plus didn't offer me content I didn't already have.

Silly gameAr466d ago

Nah,you weren't complaining. I just didn't know that people compared PSplus and PSNow like that. I'm out of that loop.

RgR466d ago

Psnow is anything but a failure. It's an amazing service that simply hasn't caught the attention of PlayStation gamers due to lack of promotion. Much better selection of games for me than gamepass.

sizeofyou465d ago

Sadly I have a 2 year subscription to PS Now that I can't use now that I've moved. Internet connection won't run it. Kinda miss the access. Hoping broadband perks up in the area soon. 😔

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Silly gameAr466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

I have Street Fighter, and not to interested in PUBG, but good month overall.

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