Through The Blue Portal - Why Don’t We Have More Stargate Games?

With the exception of the third-person shooter, Stargate: Resistance, and a cancelled MMO by the name of Stargate: Worlds, gamers haven’t had much opportunity to explore the rich Stargate universe within the medium of gaming.

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Barry3217155d ago

Great article. I also love Stargate, and really wish we had more games from this awesome IP. I was in the Alpha for Stargate Worlds. It was really ambitious, had a ton of things they wanted to do, and even with the bugs in the Alpha grouping up was fun and exploring the worlds they had open at the time was great. Lots of bugs, but that’s to be expected of an Alpha. Had fun reporting all of the bugs as well, some hilarious and others game breaking. Then, all of a sudden, we got an email thanking us for our time, but it was over and gone. Bam! Oh well... What could’ve been...

lalalala50d ago

We need a AAA studio to pick one of these up, because there's lots of opportunity because every world can be different. I mean even if Ubisoft picked it up, they could outsource several of the worlds to their different studios and it would still work.