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Wasteland developed by inXile Entertainment and published by Deep Silver will be available August 28th 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and Game Pass for both PC and Xbox. Jake takes a look at the apocalyptic RPG to see if it really lives up to expectations.

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NeoGamer232466d ago

Nice. Can't wait to play this on GamePass!

spicelicka466d ago

Love it! I can't even keep up with Gamepass games.

Darksonic22466d ago

It's worth a download honestly.

idfs466d ago

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Livingthedream465d ago

This is on game pass day one??? Very nice.

jznrpg466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

I have the first 2 games and enjoyed them so I’ll buy this one as well but physical only . I collect games, RPGs most specifically but also other genres as well. The earlier games are good and generally got 7/8s .I’m wondering if this is scoring higher because it’s owned by MS now and people are looking for anything good from them or if it is better than the previous 2 . It’s a niche genre but well made and I’m wondering how much different it is from 2 to be scored at the 9-10 range . Hopefully it’s because of improvement and not because it’s more noticeable because MS bought Inxile

Darksonic22466d ago

I think the budget increase has made it significantly bigger and given them more time to flesh certain parts out in my experience with the title. I just loved the amount of control it truly gives you in every aspect.

Kerppamaister466d ago

Or, maybe, it's just a really good game. Is that possible? People hate Microsoft, remember?

Imalwaysright466d ago

"The earlier games are good and generally got 7/8s"

From a studio that was struggling financially and still more than proved itself and showed the world how talented it was. What did you think would happen with a publisher backing them?

BTW, expect the same from Obsidian who also more than proved themselves with budgets that weren't even close to AAA level.

sourOG465d ago

Exactly. As long as it’s a hands off approach they are going to be top notch studios. All Ms needs to do is give them access to the resource network like Sony does with its studios. Leave them alone and watch the money flow in.

I have this preloaded on gamepass but I might buy it on PS4 anyways. I’m going to look at the preorder bonuses when I get home.

Atom666466d ago

If anything, it's impressive that it scored well DESPITE being affiliated with MS.

You might be the first person who I've seen try to insinuate that there is a MS "bump" like the Nintendo "bump."

But as a cRPG, this thing is best played on PC imo. Not sure where they're releasing physical PC versions though. I loved 2, and like what I'm hearing and seeing from 3. I'll use PC Gamepass for now to jump on this one.

TheRealTedCruz466d ago

It's the exact opposite here. You still have people trying to say that the still good, but generally average, review metric had for Sony exclusive Days Gone was the industry trying to attack Sony.

You know, the same company that holds multiple goty titles, and is excelling in said market.

Atom666466d ago

Ahh yes, Days Gone. Where review copies were sent out pre-patch, contained game-breaking bugs that were fixed after many reviews were in, but it was all leftist agendas for scoring it harshly.

Then that same liberal media is forgiven when they're praised for fending off the right wing bigots who criticized TLOU2.

All pretty typical. I have a pretty good read on the room around here, but reaching to say that media sites would give MS an artificial boost was a new one, I have to admit.

RazzerRedux465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

Well, you did have reviewers who referenced Deacon's white race in Days Gone, notably IGN's "rolling their eyes". You say stupid shit like that and your credibility is going to be questioned. I don't think that is unfair at all. Does that mean the metacritic score is wrong? Personally, I don't think so. Days Gone is a good game, but not great. Let's not forget the crowd that attacks any game that doesn't get an 8 or above as if it is crap. They feed off of games like Days Gone and that IS entirely because of the company who made the game. Nothing new there.

"Then that same liberal media is forgiven when they're praised for fending off the right wing bigots who criticized TLOU2."

That is quite the generalization. You've got Sony fans here on n4g who have questioned and ridiculed that "liberal media" for their positive reviews of TLOU 2.

Ultimately, the scores are not about whether it is a Sony game or a Microsoft game, but social politics do often times find their way into reviews whether for good or bad.

Wasteland 3 look entirely non-controversial (that I can tell) and I don't think for a second it is getting a Microsoft "bump". Just looks like a kick ass game.

ElementX466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

Bard's take was developed by around 35 people. I think Wasteland 2 probably had a similar number. They now have over 70 employees

BeOpenMinded465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

The staff frequent a coffee shop by their studio in new orleans. I was so pleased at how cool and engaging they were. Good people working at the nola studio, even offered me to come by and tour studio when game dropped to get stuff signed.... Pre covid though.... These people have passion

Edit: i remember saying the second was hard and didnt finish cuz i play on high difficulties and the dev told me 'this one is fucking harder' lol

King_Noctis465d ago

"I’m wondering if this is scoring higher because it’s owned by MS now and people are looking for anything good from them or if it is better than the previous 2 ."

If that's the case then Sea of Thieves or Crackdown 3 would have won GOTY.

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Saijahn466d ago

MS with back to back bangers 🔥

meganick466d ago

Microsoft didn’t publish this, and it’s multi plat.

TheRealTedCruz466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

You're right there. All that said, MS can now say they have a really solid RPG franchise to show, and will probably make it PC/Xbox exclusive down the road.

Not to mention, I can personally state, along with the developer themselves, that the MS support had since the buyout pushed this game's quality up a good bit. MS upped the game's funding by a great margin, even being a multi-console release.

ElementX466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

Does that matter? The developers now work for MS, so they have the talent for their next game.

--Onilink--466d ago

They still provided plenty of backing once they acquired them. Remmeber that this was originally a crowfunded game.

They have even mentioned that the financial support of MS helped with adding more voice work, and other things like access to localization groups, qa, etc

NeoGamer232466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

"Microsoft didn’t publish this, and it’s multi plat."

So, what does that have to do with what appears to be a great game? Would it be better for Sony gamers if it wasn't on the Sony platform? Same with PC gamers? Does it hurt XB gamers that it is not a full exclusive?

Microsoft owns the studio and therefore is financially funding the studio not the publisher. The publishing agreement for this game was made before MS bought the studio therefore they are honoring it. That just sounds like a good business practice to honor agreements made. The developer has stated several times that the buy-out is allowing them to have a bigger budget for the game then would have been possible if they stayed independent. Therefore, the buy-out benefitted this game.

Since it is multi-platform that is a good thing. It means all gamers (on platforms it is shipping) get to experience the great game. I wish that all games were available to all gamers based on the spec to run the game. As a gamer it is great that fellow gamers on the shipping platforms can also play this game. I will play the game on my XBO X and PC. My PS4 Pro will take a pass this time simply because I get it free with GamePass.

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464d ago
TheRealTedCruz466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

It's as I said, devs like inXile, and Obsidian, we're only ever held back by their budgets.

Give them time, and money, they'll make gold.

CDPR, Larian, Obsidian, and now inXile, apparently, are the new kings in the RPG space, if you're looking at pure depth and mechanics.

Spiders, and a few other small devs will hopefully be next. Greedfall was such a step up for them.

Darksonic22466d ago

You're so right, this is gold.

Atom666466d ago

Fully agreed. Watching Spiders grow in talent has been awesome to see. Larian and CDPR might not have the budget restrictions they used to have, but I'm very happy Obsidian and inxile can focus on doing what they do best.

GamerRN466d ago

Honestly never played any of these games. Should I start with 1 and 2 before getting into this or is it ok to jump right in to 3?

TheRealTedCruz466d ago

Personally, even after being remastered, I think the original is probably too archaic for most people.
Wasteland 2 has a bunch of great ideas, is very engrossing, but was held back by limited funding (it was a kickstarter project), and might turn of some people more used to cleaner mechanics and UIs. If you like deep RPG and tactics mechanics though, it might hook you.

If you just want an all around great tactical RPG, with all the finesse had with a AAA budget, just go into 3. Playing the first two won't exactly affect the story, itself.

GamerRN466d ago

So they are stand alone stories and unrelated?

TheRealTedCruz466d ago


Yeah. You can jump right into 3 without worrying about missing any real sort of plot, or any of that.
They're all their own isolated stories. The prior games would basically be just world building and such, which can easily be had just looking it up online.

That said, Wasteland 2 is on things like Gamepass and Now, and could be had cheap on PC, if you wanted to try.
It's a really good game, but you have to be okay with some jank.

Wasteland 3 is easily my favorite in the series. I've run through multiple different builds over the last couple years.

465d ago
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