Rumor: Black Ops Cold War Mini Map Back to Normal, Dead Silence Will Be a Perk & More

Apparently, the Black Ops Cold War mini map for multiplayer will once again show red dots, Dead Silence is back as a perk, sliding is back, and loads of other details have surfaced from a multiplayer event.

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CDbiggen260d ago

Wonder what the file size will be lol.
I never got the problem with the red dot - why should someone's exact location appear on the map because they're firing? Surely a general direction makes more sense.

W34KN35S260d ago

I'm just guessing so this could definitely be wrong but the red dots could have been implemented to keep the pace of the game faster. If players are more sure of where a enemy player is they will more likely want to move towards that location, it could also serve as a way to prevent overboard camping.

CDbiggen260d ago

Yeah gotta agree with that. The camping has been horrendous in MW.

excaliburps260d ago

Yes and it makes silencers a viable attachment to use. Will you use it so you won't appear on the map but sacrifice range? It's been that way since forever.

It got taken out in MW and it made the game super campy.

Nitrowolf2260d ago

I agree
people are way to cautious now. makes matches long and boring

RaidenBlack260d ago

100.4 GB size confirmed. Courtesy of Xbox Store listing.

Bobertt259d ago

Im not falling for this shit again. CoD changes shit that doesn't need to be changed and then tries to sell it back to you in the next game instead of fixing it in current one. They are still keeping skill based matchmaking and will probably still have the lighting and pop in issues from MW. Retarded playlist changes every week instead of leaving the most popular ones as permanent. Im done with Cod and its bloated bs. Too many great games that are out and coming out to waste more time on CoD.

InUrFoxHole259d ago

The most important change to me is that they are charging and extra $10 for the next gen consoles. Shove that patch up your arse Activision