Game Informer: Lips Review

Game Informer: "The foundation of Lips is identical to any other karaoke game; it's the little things that make it stand out. This is the first title to detect and reward vibrato (this is big for singing games). The wireless mics are a dream (no, they don't work with Rock Band or Guitar Hero… yet), and motion sensors allow you to trigger 'Star Stream' among other neato functions. Three party games add that strange Inis twist (one involves making an onscreen couple smooch), but probably won't get a ton of play. You can import tracks from your iPod and sing along to them, but without lyrics this feature becomes a trumped up visualizer. The small offering of online tracks run $2 each, and Live functionality is mostly dry stats and friends-only challenges. Lag calibration is a pain, especially compared to SingStar's easy system. I have a feeling that Lips has plenty more cards up its sleeve, but the initial release leaves much to be desired."

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