Zune Phone in the Works?

Crunchgear, a blog that covers gadgets, gear and computer hardware, claims to have learned details about a Zune mobile phone that is currently in the works...

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True Gamer4902d ago

Microsoft needs to think of its own ideas for once.

Sexius Maximus4902d ago

That's like saying Nintendo and Sega ripped off Atari because they decided to make consoles too. Or better yet, I guess Sony ripped off Atari too for getting in the console scene. Maybe Guild Wars ripped off World of Warcraft because they're both MMORPG's.
It's called business loser. I swear to Zeus, the stupidity of people drives me nuts sometimes.

True Gamer4902d ago

That microsoft comes up with this idea right after Apple announces their new iPhone???

Marriot VP4901d ago


phones + mp3/video players have been around long before iPhone. Razr anybody? Just because there's more storage doesn't mean it's copying.

Now if MS came out with a touch screen zune phone that'd be copying for sure.

Optimus Prime4902d ago

so everyone else out there that has a cell phone on the market are the only ones that made the cell phone. hmmm

FordGTGuy4902d ago

I would rather keep them separate please! BTW companies just don't take ideas from other companies. They all at one point of time think of them but its all up to one company to take the risk and challenge of pioneering the idea.

Apple = Ipod
Atari = Atari Gaming Console
Blizzard = WOW

they might not be the first but they did take the risks and pioneered them.

Boink4902d ago

MS plans these things years in advance, they are probably only talking about it now because someone asked if they would make a zune type phone.

Marriot VP4901d ago

Remove the DRM and than we'll talk

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The story is too old to be commented.