Bizarre PS Store Game for PS5, PS4 Testing Accidentally Published

Sony made a big blunder overnight, accidentally publishing a $0.49 test client onto the PlayStation Store for consumers to purchase. The “game” – named Whale Whale Whale: What Do We Have Here? – mentions “early server development and integration” in its description. It also refers to both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, suggesting it could be used as a case study for publishers planning to sell upgradable titles that will transition from the company’s current-gen console to its next-gen one.

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Michiel198960d ago

now dont tell me Sony is getting into the Gacha business ;)

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Duke1960d ago

Pff whatever $0.49 is a great price for Whale, Whale, Whale.

Criminally underrated

60d ago
Sitdown60d ago

Anybody else get the PS5 sign up email?

60d ago
demonseye59d ago

its about the pre orders. they know they dont have enough cosoles at the start. so they give real fans a head start in pre ordering them. if you got a mail it basically means you qualify for this early pre order thing.

cluclap59d ago

I got the email but I think its for anyone with a psn account

Babadook759d ago

I didn’t get the email. I believe this is sent to PSN owners in USA. The shipping might only be set up for us customers.

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rainslacker60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Sure was fun watching someone who has no idea what they're looking at trying to do stuff that they don't know what it does. Takes me back to my IT days where it kept me employed because people think they know what they're doing. Good times.

Also fun watching a journalist postulate on what it may or may not do based on the most cursory of information, making wild assumptions that seem to come out of nowhere. Even more entertaining when they use completely wrong terminology to posit what they're trying to posit.

BrainSyphoned60d ago

It’s a whale of a good time.

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