Black Ops Cold War Editions Leaked Via MW files

Keshav Bhat of CharlieIntel writes, "Cross-Gen Edition includes the base game but also the current-gen and next-gen versions of the game. This means Activision does not plan to offer free upgrades, but rather make users buy this edition to get both versions. Players who buy the PS4 Cross-Gen will get the PS5 version when available. And players on Xbox One who buy Cross-Gen will get the Xbox Series X version when available."

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demonseye261d ago

why am I not surprised that COD is the first to say they don't offer a free upgrade to the next platform.

Baza261d ago

They are not the first. The game will come out within weeks of the new consoles. If you want it on next gen, get it on next gen. This is a non issue.

solidsnake222261d ago

That actually makes sense. I would not be okay with a publisher not offering a free upgrade if the game releases before the next gen consoles. But if the game releases after, I suppose it’s acceptable. The only negative is that it hurts late adopters.

seanpitt23261d ago

It will most likely be the same game but you get higher resolution and a solid 60fps