Learning from other streaming services - how Microsoft can continue to enhance Xbox Game Pass

Alex writes: "As we head into the strangest console generation ever with both consoles STILL not announcing a price point, Microsoft proceed without the heavy hitter of Halo: Infinite to sell consoles. However, with this comes the prevailing change in Microsoft’s strategy to get customers - going all in with Xbox Game Pass."

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TravsVoid55d ago

About the only service Microsoft could interest me with is a cheaper version of Xbox Live. I use Game Pass when I can get it for a $1 or free but other than that I don't feel like I need it.

BillyG0AT55d ago

All they need to do is step their game up with the AAA titles. They're terrible at anything other than forza. Oh and Ryse, why did we never see another Ryse?

Atom66654d ago

Because Crytek has been struggling to just keep the lights on most of this gen.